Do you know which is the first to recover all that was lost in the crisis?

In the last 24 hours the cryptocurrency market has shown signs of life by recovering over an estimated over 2%, now while the first cryptocurrency by market capitalization Bitcoin exceeded the average by standing at 1.7%, while ETH was positioned at 2.5%, it is important to note that TRX presented the best price rebound posted at 12.0%.

In this sense, beyond the positive scenario experienced by cryptocurrencies in the last 24 hours, it is assumed that the aftermath of the last crypto crisis lingers in the market. Despite the fulgurant start of the year.

Hence, cryptocurrencies are still trading far from their historical records, except for one outstanding case, that of the third largest digital currency, which has just recovered all that was lost in the crisis, namely the Bitcoin price remains 60% below its historical records.

An identical percentage is left Ethereum from its highs, this if we consider that the falls exceed 90% in the case of another of the ten largest cryptocurrencies in the world, more however, USDT which namely is the third largest cryptocurrency, is the first cryptocurrency to recover all that was lost in the crisis.

The data is accurate, and indeed USDT became the first of the world's major cryptocurrencies to recover all that was lost in the crisis, in its case, $20 billion.

In my view, USDT's performance is a positive sign that will push the rest of the cryptocurrencies.


Expansion. The third largest cryptocurrency, the first to recover all that was lost in the crisis. Link


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