Patience??? It's Worth the Wait !

 The VIVA team
has been quiet.

TradeQwik has been quiet.

What's the deal?

An update from the VIVA HQ indicates the cement on a solid and strong foundation is being poured. When set, the scaffolds will quickly be placed and the star ship “VIVA” will soon be positioned for launch.   

Waiting is sometimes more difficult than anything.

I believe the current lack of liquidity for VIVA Coins in TradeQwik is because everyone had already invested what they could when VIVA Coins were much lower. In my case, I have purchased everything I can. As I get a little extra, I'm investing it, too. With my VIVA Coins, I buy small portions of VIVA Crowns, TQS, XAU, and other items, as I watch the VIVA Coin march toward the $10.00 peg.

I've been involved with VIVA since bidding on in the Batch1, Round 2 Auction in Steemit last November, and have had the opportunity to get to know the founders and project over a long time. I have every confidence in the VIVA project. I have every confidence in the team. I also have every confidence the team has the best interest of not only themselves, but also the investors and those who have not yet had the opportunity to participate in the VIVAconomy. Even @Domenic stated after meeting the team, “...everyone [working on the VIVA project] really wants to make the world a better place.” (

In order to do this, all i's must be dotted and all t's must be crossed. In other words, it has to be done just right. Governing bodies have changed rules often recently, so VIVA has has to adapt – and quickly. I know of no other project so adaptable, or one which strives to be.

TradeQwik is undergoing it's own changes with a new UI in development, which promises to be more user-friendly; more trading pairs will be coming online, and liquidity issues will become a thing of the past.

Waiting is soooo difficult when one knows something as extraordinary as VIVA is about to debut!

We have all heard from those so diligently working on the foundation, “Please, be patient,” and patient we all stand, though I still go to my computer at least 5 times a day to see if anything has changed. :-p


I also have confidence in everything VIVA related!

I got in the same time as you, and its been quite a fun and profitable ride already. I also program and I know that projects move fast at times and slower at other times.

As a TradeQwik trader, I am looking forward to more people being there. But in the mean time, I too check several times a day, and often find Good Deals! Less action on TradeQwik can also mean less competition to get the best pricing.

I feel good about the future of digital money, and I continue to say, Go Steemit and Go VIVA!

I also look forward to more people in the VIVAconomy. Not only will it be more profitable for those already participating, but for the new comers as well.

The more I learn of VIVA, the more I'm impressed with it, and, like you, feel good about the future of digital currency.

"Go Steemit and Go VIVA!" (Kenny-Crane)

It will definitely be worth the wait! On the positive side, the bank has finally released its iron grip on my money, and I'm ready to make a big(for me) wire transfer! I will get my hands on lots of Viva, to start with, then buy TQS and VTR.

Woo Hoo! That's awesome @kooshikoo! I'm excited for you!

I am also whittling away at getting another VIVA Crown. I think I have like an additional .23 (and then some) over my whole ones. I just spend a couple VIVA Coins or so ($10 or $20) at a time as I can afford it. I'll have another VIVA Crown before long.
I've never regretted investing in VIVA; it's been the best opportunity I've ever come across.