~7,000 STEEM Writing Contest | ENDING IN 3 DAYS! | Supported: Steemit, DTube, Medium, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram

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The Harmony.One writing contest is coming to a close soon!


Writing Contest Here


  • Most of the prize pool is going towards articles. Write and article about Harmony and publish it on Steemit or Medium.
  • The bounty is open to everyone. If you've written an article on Steemit, post it on Medium as well for a bonus, and vice versa!
  • Tweets and Instagram posts can earn a bonus easily.
  • Post a video on YouTube/DTube to earn another bonus.
  • Submit your submission links by clicking the "Submit an article" button or just click here.

Current Status:

  • Three days remain!
  • Prizes available in STEEM or ETHEREUM (pick from a drop down when you submit your link).

Another 1 STEEM RESTEEM bonus:

  • First 200 people to resteem this post earn 1 STEEM!
  • For the resteem bonus, you have to have at least 100 followers!
  • Reply with a quick line about Harmony!

Preparing An Article

Harmony is a complex project. Refer to videos, ask in their Telegram group or read their blogs. You can focus on the entire project or just on a specific portion that you are passionate about.

You can talk about how Harmony is revolutionizing Sharding, or one of the many use-cases (potential as well as existing), or about their great team!

Just make sure that whatever you write is not plagiarized and your honest effort!

Up to date information on Harmony.One:

Additional Resources:

There are 3 pages

It's interesting to hear a writing contest.


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I wish I was good enough.

Every participant will get some prize as long as they don't cheat/plagiarize! Give it a go!


Nice contest! Resteemed.

As I know Harmony have a strong team who from Google,Apple,Microsoft and Amazon.

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I have read the onepager and the whitepaper, I am hopeful and convinced the project is not just another crypto startup. I like how they release news updates in their newsletter, it shows their progress as a project and that they are doing good to make their roadmap realized. Best of luck to the team.

Resteem done
harmony is a very good project
big thumps up

Harmony is getting listed in kucoin

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Binance's new favorite.

Harmony for one and all.
Resteemed and I'll try to share an article very soon.

I just saw this and preparing my article about Harmony, the secured blockchain.

Harmony is 100% scalable, and a provably secure sharding based blockchain. It is also very energy efficient, and takes into cognisance the challenges its predecessors faced, it's a new face of the blockchain which is creating new standards.

I am working on it and my publication is halfway ready. Will post this weekend.
Resteemed and I see it listed in coinhacko. Great move..

Resteemed and preparing a blog post

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edit : harmony is a project which aims to deliver scalability and decentralization

Harmony's consensus protocol is an improvement on the complex practical byzantine fault tolerance.


Good luck to everyone who joined! 😊

I resteemed the first one since all most a week. Couldn't comment because of network issues and traffic.

I've resteemed this as well

Harmony provides solution to the problem of scalability

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It's time to do what we know how to do.

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Harmony one is something to watch out for

I am definitely gonna give it a go...Its been a long time since I participated ina contest.

Yes Harmony is very interesting project!

Resteemed and I heard harmony will be listed on kucion soon


Harmony.One seems like a broad comprehensive project which needs some thorough review.
With week end ahead, it's perfect time for a contest entry.
What about twitter bounty???

I am already in a clapping mood for another wonderful contest. Cant wait to join. Resteemed!

Harmony <<<<binance

Is there a method to remind you after the contest that I have fulfilled all the requirements

resteemed it already

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Harmony is using the randomness-based sharding to change things.

Good luck to everyone who joined!

Resteemed. Thinking of what to write about😪😟🤔

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Nice to see @originalworks back to original form. @originalworks is the only motivation I exist in Steemit. I hope at least every month a contest of this type happen.

Harmony is the best sharding blockchain platform that has solved the problems with existing blockchain technologies. It has security, decentralization and globally scalable.

Hace unos 10 días escribí: https://steemit.com/spanish/@juliocesar7/harmony-os-huawei-y-y10
este artículo sobre harmony. No estoy seguro si se trata del mismo tema, pero observa que tiene el mismo nombre.

Resteemed and I’m gonna give it a go . Thanks!

Resteemed. My write-up about harmony is still on its way, i'm sure it will find its way into the submissions before deadline.

I'm not sure what to write yet... I never used Harmony (it seems like a new project.) Resteemed!

Harmony might be a complex project tho but yet it is one of the best tokens offered on binnace-Dex launchpad. I buy it every week on binnace


Cool, resteemed :)


Good luck everyone

I like this formation.

Harmony is a remarkable project.

There are 3 pages