PIVX core v3.2.0 is live! - mandatory update!

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Thanks to our amazing developers:

PIVX core v3.2.0 is now live!

PIVX core v3.2.0 is a mandatory update for all block creators, masternodes, exchanges and services. Masternodes will also need to be restarted after the update.

Older wallet blocks will be rejected once 95% of rolling 10800 blocks signal the new version. Upgrading as soon as possible is recommended.

This version offers a lot of new functionality and you can read more about it in this blogpost and if you want to know even more you can visit our Gitbhub for the full release notes.


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Keep it purple people!


Good to see updates on pivx.

We'll make sure to keep them coming! Thanks for the support!

The long awaited update thank you @pibx for this great work!

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