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Cryptopay is one of the leading crypto card providers that provides the ability to spend, save, transact cryptocurrencies and have built a large global customer base. The Cryptopay Wallet allows users to effortless trade between bitcoin and fiat currencies, specifically the GBP, USD, and the EUR. This wallet service is complemented by a prepaid card that lets users quickly access funds stored in cryptocurrencies. CPay is a multifunctional system that includes several services designed to develop transparent transactions and generate benefits for all parties and recognize encryption as a convenient digital payment tool worldwide, https: //

The cPay ecosystem will eliminate the gap between classical banking transfers and the world of digital cryptography technology, creating a completely new investment opportunity environment. Our priority is the financial security and security of buyers and sellers, and our mission is to integrate crypto-currency payments into daily life. -Day and become a full analog of the developing Visa and Mastercard system on cryptoworld. CPay service for buying and selling transactions that will help integrate crypto currencies into the real economy and through BlockChain we will protect the finances of buyers and sellers.

CPays service is a payment system based on crypto currencies through networks around the world, which allows to increase market liquidity and reduce price fluctuations. Also cPay provides the possibility of instant exchange of leading crypto currencies among themselves with a maximum level of protection and reliability. We created cPay to accelerate the integration of crypto currencies for daily costs and to protect users from risks when buying goods and services.

Cpay Platform Features
• Send, receive, store, exchange in all-in-one Platform
• Buy and withdraw cryptocurrencies to your personal SEPA bank account
• Buy bitcoins with a bank card
• Order a plastic or virtual prepaid card to easily spend cryptocurrencies in everyday life
• Open a corporate account and accept bitcoin payments from your customers
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CPay Token
Cryptopay issued CPAY token on their ICO. Furthermore CPAY tokens can be stored in your personal ETH wallet and receive your monthly rewards or you can use CPAY tokens for trading on the exchange. Cryptopay will be adding more utility functions to the token in the future in order to integrate it into the service and implement new ways to use the token on Cryptopay.

Token price: 1 CPAY = 0.001 ETH;
Total Surply: 165,000,000 CPAY (including 10% bonus);
Percentage of CPAY on offer: Approximately 52%;
Start Date: 2 October 2017, 11:00 BST (UTC+1), 19:00 JST (UTC+9), 19:00 KST (UTC+9);
End Date: 30 October 2017, 10:00 BST (UTC+1), 18:00 JST (UTC+9), 18:00 KST (UTC+9);
Minimum Purchase Amount: 40 CPAY (0.04ETH);
Maximum Purchase Amount: 5,000,000 CPAY (worth of 5,000 ETH)

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