Trade without emotion :      Part 1 of   3 series

        1) Trade without emotion : Key point to  trading success.  One must  take the emotion out of trading. You have to trade logically. Almost like a robot. Just be mechanical with your trade decisions. Never fall in love with a coin or any position you may have. You have to make moves based on market conditions and  your dedicated research and evaluations.  Go with the information you have and make your decisions accordingly.  Be logical and strategic.  Try your best to eliminate your  emotion. 

         People who trade with their emotion will  lose a lot of trades. They "panic sell" and get out of positions that eventually will  recover, and go up to new highs.  You must be fearless in crypto to win. Stand by your positions. You've done your research and you believe in your coin. Nothing has changed.  If the fundamentals are still the same, why are you liquidating your position?  Believe in yourself and stay strong. Hold because in crypto based on past historical data,  basically every  coin recovers. 

          I  see this all the time with  "newbies."  They hear bad news and follow  what the crowd is doing and they sell and  inevitably lose.  Eventually one learns to  correct this mistake and make better  trading decisions going forward.  Follow this tip and you will see your trading will improve as well as your profits. 

          Part 2 of 3 series to follow. 

          Disclaimer : Never invest funds more than what you can afford to lose. This post is my own  personal opinion/speculations/ insights . Please  do your own research before making any investment decisions.  I am not a financial adviser, nor am I giving any financial advice. If you make any trades after reading this post,  you accept  accountability and  responsibility  for any  lose  that you may incur. By reading this post you acknowledge and accept that.      


Panic selling happens far too often!! The emotions are a huge thing with anything! People prefer not to buy a watermelon for $10 when just yesterday it was $5, but they would rather buy the coin or stock for $10 when they could have bought it at $5 the day before..

The masses are always late to the party. When they get there, people are ready to leave and go home. Hard lesson to learn in trading. Had to learn it and now I fully embrace it. Good points guy.

You are exactly right!! A lot of the life changing gains may have already been made in the space.

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