You must  do your homework to have any chance to succeed in Cryptos.  To really do well and control your destiny, one must do  due diligence  in the crypto he is going to invest in and not based on what others recommend or promote.  Take responsibility for your decisions.  Take pride in that you  did your homework and actually  research a crypto's practical applications as well as who their  team developers are and what projects they are working on.  Seems complicated and full of technical jargon but not really. Bottom line is  you just want to know what you are buying. Just like when you buy a house or a car, you want to get acquainted with your chosen crypto. 

         You can use Twitter, You tube, and Crypto's website  for starters.  Learn  basic trading techniques along with market ebb and flow. Immerse yourself in the Crypto space. Knowledge is the key!  Embrace it and enjoy it.  If you can't do this, crypto is not for you.  Not only that, you will lose money. 

          Crypto is definitely not for amateurs. It demands respect and forces you to do your homework before it opens the vault for you and allows you to profit.  Not easy but well worth it.  Good luck and  may your trades work out in your favor. 


Thanks bro for the information about crypto

Well explained