Jarrod Dicker have been announced as the CEO of Po.et (POE)

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The ex vice president of innovation and commercial strategy at The Washington Post become CEO of Po.et.


Who is Jarrod Dicker?

"At The Washington Post, I founded RED, its research experimentation and development team. RED went on to launch several digital ad products which helped drive revenue in the ten figures. Prior to joining The Washington Post, I led product and technology teams at the world’s most innovative companies. At Time Inc., I led emerging products and Huffington Post, where I originated native advertising. I then rejoined the core Huffington Post technology team at RebelMouse to build its future content management system. That is to say that over the years, I’ve worked to build products and strategies on the publisher side to help direct the future business models for publishing and technology. At Po.et, we are constructing what this industry needs — a new environment where creators are paid for what they can do instead of what is required of them by an old and broken paradigm."

What is POE?

Beginning with Bitcoin Magazine and seven other alpha partnerships, Po.et had a successful token sale on August 8, 2017. Now with an online community of more than 40,000 developers and creators spanning Telegram, Reddit, Twitter and other social media platforms, Po.et has used the Bitcoin blockchain and InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) to build a new media infrastructure for the digital economy. Its recent partnership with the Maven Network, Inc., a WordPress developer integration and an ever-growing list of use cases have only strengthened our resolve to see our open-source vision realized.

"We, as an industry, are running uphill when it comes to growth, scale and loyalty. Our revenue strategies are negatively impacting consumers and audiences. Engagement with digital advertising is at a stagnant low. Social platforms have a stronghold on creator IP and content has become a leaf in the wind of brand, platform and publisher circumstance. This should not be the case."

source: https://blog.po.et/


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