Biggest CryptoCurrency Events Happening on 24th November,2017 | Possible Pumps


  • Red Pulse (RPX) : COINNEST 2nd CAMUP

In Brief : Today Stanley Chao (from Red Pulse) will be presenting RPX in Coinnest 2nd Camup in Seoul, Gangnam-gu Shinsa-dong
CGV Cheongdam 3F M CUBE .

CAMUP is an initiative of Coinnest that works/partners up with Blockchain solutions/projects that have the potential to change the world. Therefore I expect that we can see a big news from RPX Team that will help them in the long -run

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  • Ardor (ARDR) : Release of Final Ardor TestNet

In Brief : Today the final Ardor TestNet will be released along with that the source code is also released for review under a temporary licence but the cloning or duplication of the code is not yet allowed but will be in sometime in future. The mobile app will be in working state and the Node JS module can be used by Devs that want to.

As of now only security and critical bugs are to be fixed and that there will be no changes in the API in the future. Plus a Bonus of 4 years NXT Anniversary celebration.

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  • ArtByte (ABY) : Activation of Segwit

In Brief : According to the tweet made by the team that 80% of ABY miners want to have the soft-fork activated.

Along with the segwit Lightning Network and Smart contracts have also been implemented into the blockchain which will widen the scope of ABY for the coming future.

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  • Aeron (ARN) : Listing on Bit-Z exchange

In Brief : We can trade ARN on Bit-Z exchange and though the Deposit were opened at 16:00 on 22nd Nov, 2017

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  • BlockMason Credit Protocol (BCPT) : BCPT Competition ending on Binance Exchange

In Brief : A giveaway of 350,000 BCPT was organised on Binance exchange where the users were ranked from 1 to 100 based on the total net BCPT purchased from the period of 7 days that started on 17th Nov till Today.

The competition has ended today and the distribution of BCPT will be done on 30th Nov,2017

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  • Kore (KORE) : Planned Update

In Brief : KORE has planned an update for today. It's hard to predict what they have got for the update but in the recent days KORE has faced a lot of major exploits before the coin swap. So maybe for 1% they will have something regarding that.

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