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The crypto community is full of enthusiastic, excited individuals who are often known to be ardent supporters of the coins they hold. This often results in a sticky situation wherein there are mild-mannered fights and friendly tussles between rival coin factions. But it all taken in good spirit and it helps the community in the greater goal to unite and move forward with the hope of cryptos going mainstream.


While the market swings and the price fluctuations are part of the crypto game and can oftentimes become distressing and nerve-wracking, on the sidelines there are now healthier ways for fans to keep in touch with their cryptos and show adoration for the various coins they hold in their wallets.

Nothing like wearing your good old ugly Bitcoin sweater and Doge socks while you ride out the market waves. Right!?

While there are some interesting options out there, the below are two delightful websites that are bound to cheer you up as this year where the mighty bitcoin rose like a phoenix comes to a close.

In their own words, Hodlmoon is,

Home of ugly crypto sweaters! Which are fully-knit and high quality...


You will be spoiled for choice between monero, neo, etc. and not only are there plenty of options to choose from, you can even submit your own sweater designs to showcase your knitting and designing skills.

And then there is the cool Kimchisocks!

In their special blockchain tech section, they have an interesting collection of socks to keep your legs warm as you ride out the tumultuous crypto waves.


What makes things even more wonderful is the fact that you have the option to pay for these little delights in BTC, LTC or DOGE.

Do you own any Crypto dress?

Authored by @jznsamuel