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With the widespread adoption of Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies, security softwares and solutions also need to stay abreast with the changing technological landscape to help protect users from unknown attacks and threats. As we saw in the article ‘Bitcoin Mining: The Dark Side’, if you detect any kind of suspicious activity like increased CPU usage or the lagging of system while browsing the web, it is likely that your system and resources have been Cryptojacked.

According to hackerbits,

Cryptojacking is defined as the secret use of your computing device to mine cryptocurrency, which usually involves the victim unknowingly installing a program that secretly mines cryptocurrency.

With the onset of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies gaining prominence, more people are entering the game to make a quick buck. Although mining of cryptos takes considerable resources and time, it can be quite lucrative. And that is why certain unscrupulous entities have taken it upon themselves to use the resources of innocent netizens to their advantage by hacking into them for unauthorized usage.

In this case, the need of the hour is to make use of softwares and tools that can detect such invasive activity as well as help remedy them.


Opera's Solution

Opera browser has come up with an inventive solution for this menace. It is possibly the first browser that is offering internet users protection against cryptojacking. With the new Opera 50 beta RC, a much-needed Cryptocurrency Mining protection has been included in the settings.

The latest change comes with an setting update called 'No Coin' which when enabled will prevent any such sites that mine cryptocurrencies from doing their dirty work on your machines.

Preventing System Deterioration

This comes as a much-needed respite as the unnoticed mining for prolonged duration can cause severe damage to user's machines by way of increased fan speed, overheating of machine and reduction in the battery performance.

Have you ever been cryptojacked?

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