Ardor main's childchain crazy gains: +273% glad to... THE KOREANS

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The Ardor coin, is used to calculates all the mathematic operations to secure its childchains: therefore you can launch your dedicated blockchain without having to care about having enough nodes.

Today, the Ardor main's childchain, IGNIS, got a new KRW pair on UpBit:

Once again, the koreans add a load of liquidity, and they now represent 81.02% of all the volume.

This caused a major pump of the coin, with the largest volume ever seen on IGNIS/BTC:

Ardor being a POS coin, give you the tx fees of its childchains when you forge (stake) it.
Basically, the more transactions there is on projects based on ARDR, the more it is valuable, and the more passive income you get.

Maybe it's another opportunity ?

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I’m still looking into going balls deep in ardor

Was quite happy to see IGNIS finally get some momentum again. IGNIS, and more importantly ARDR, are some of my top long term investments. NXT (their predecessor) had a lot of firsts in the crypto world, I'm hoping ARDR grows with adoption and continues to solve problems for its users.

Ardor coin seems to me very promising coins.

Good info.
Thank you dear @toucancrypto

those who invested in Ardor had a juicy profit

Good Day @toucancrypto, how are you doing and happy new month.
How can I do this? Then please I need to know more about this Ardor blockchain. Are you on discord channel to chat privately. Stay shining

I will open an IRC channel in the future.
For the moment, I won't use any closed-source and/or centralized chat system.

This is wow for Korea. Keep it up

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Ardor has been holding the line nicely. Waiting for it to hit above .5 usd and really breakout. Resistance at .4 usd.

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