CUB now down to 2.5 Cents, it is likely going to continue it's march towards 0

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It is currently going through it's death Spiral with only 3.8k Trading Volume in 24 hrs.

Essentially, people are going to buy in a little here and there, and just sell contiously making some profit/decent profit. Which will drive the price further down and screw over us holders who are holding. I have like idk 200 or 500 cub i think staked.

Those who were CUB Whales when CUB was 2 to 4 USD are essentially nothing now. Taking in a 100x to 200x loss.

The thing that sucks is that this happens constantly on other chains, but most people here don't know anything about crypto/defi so they aped into buying CUB. Yeah CUB is a good product too, but so are all the other defi products


For comparison, and to remove most of your doubt, here is a project that once had over 2 billion USD staked that went from about the same price that CUB had a PICO TOP on and is now worth 36 cents. Despite this being a super advanced defi product that lets you do cross chain without doing expensive transactions to bridge. Yeah, it still went from 5 usd to 36 cents, CUB went from about 4.50 to 2.5 cents.

CUB likely isn't done going down, there's really no reason for it to not continue going down.

It sucks because I like you lost money on this, while some others lost hundreds of thousands....




Today's price is down 66% from this post xd

I got out with a not overly valuable lesson a long time ago.
At this point I'm giving h-e the side eye, too.

As well you should!

Come on back and help me crab some hive from this bucket.
The more you take the sooner those with too much go somewhere else.
At some point the people controlling the pool and dao will be better compensated elsewhere and they will leave.
That day gets here quicker the more accounts we can get to power up what they are given rather than pissing it away on beer and cheap women.

I'm not sure overall that a movement here can really take off for Free Speech.

I tried really hard to do what I could with my limited time, @informationwar never really got much support beyond maybe 500k HP in trailing upvotes, which essentially amounts to peanuts at current prices of Hive, not many serious creators want to create in a place like this and they all moved on to greener pastures where they actually get paid.

It sucks, but the movement is essentially on life support.

There are 400m hive, if folks hadn't dropped what they were given like it was hot, we would have diluted the ninjaminers by now, but that ain't what happened.

I get why some folks left, but those days are not what is happening now.
The one that I won't name doesn't nuke people anymore.
Conversations that were account ending before the fork are now freely tolerated.

While the price is low like it is is the best time to create content, you get more hive per hbd.
Were the price to go to 5usd we get much less hive for posting.

As a technology hive can't be beat, I'd hate to see it become the betamax of crypto.

Hope that means I'm vindicated because in this post a year ago it was 2.5 cents now it's 66% down from that, now at 0.0084 cents

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