How The Blockchain Could Save Africa

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In Africa, one out of three lives below the global poverty line. That is over 420 million people.*

There are so many challenges facing the continent, but they have some incredible resources. I'm not talking about diamonds, oil and gold, but the beautiful people just trying to raise families and survive.

The blockchain technologies can bring something that many in Africa have never seen - hope.

Cardano (ADA) has mapped out plans to help connect individuals to the baking world using crypto and help build infrastructure to deliver financial control.

The mining reward system on Hive is a great example of a blockchain technology that could deliver revenue through the daily interaction with content on the site.

Hive can deliver revenue and opportunity to a large number of people that may not have too many ways to make money.

Nigeria is one of crypto's strongholds in Africa. The country as legalized cryptocurrency and is working to regulate the space for investors of all kinds.**

With African countries on the forefront of government acceptance and integration, any success will spread to other countries around the region.

Sites like Steemit and Hive prove that anyone can earn crypto just by participating and curating content and we're just at the beginning of this crypto revolution. Hive could be worth a lot more one day in the future and that means more opportunity. Plus all the new applications that will be built in the future will provide even more options down the road.

Africa could really use some opportunity right now, and it looks like the blockchain technology could help provide some unique solutions and some desperately needed hope. Oh yeah, a lot of money too.

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