Facebook lifted the ban on crypto Whats next?

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I think you already heard that yesterday, Facebook lifted the ban on crypto advertising.

I think that Zuckerberg simply did not want to lose money in the growing industry with a lot of potential advertisers. They banned it in early January, when the BTC price was about $ 20,000 (at the height of interest in crypto-currencies) and fraudulent activity gained popularity.

Since January, they have been thinking about securing their social network from the scum, and have come to a rather difficult decision: advertisers will be able to place advertising only after their application is approved by the FB service. Until Facebook users complain of fraud, the company, naturally, will want to receive additional revenue from advertising. But the ICO and binary options that offer the original coins are still banned. Everyone understands that in the near future this system will not work very well, as checking every application for reliability is a time-consuming process, and there will be a lot of applications. Approvals will have to wait days, or even weeks.

But on the other hand, this gives a positive impulse to the creation of new inflows of people into the industry.

Yes, and Facebook  earlier this year launched its own internal block-network. It seems  that Facebook  begins  actively enter  the process.


Interesting news! Thanks for sharing.

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Look at this article where the team explains:

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