Microsoft bought Github for 7.5 billion. What does this mean?

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As it became known, Microsoft officially confirmed the acquisition of Github for $ 7.5 billion. And everything seems to be normal, the new CEO of Github will be Nat Friedman - this is the person behind the huge amount of open source software. But the feeling that the Big Brother continues to take away from the free world still more space does not leave me.

Microsoft, seems to be a decent company, the developer of the most popular operating system and office application in the world. When the company purchased Skype, and included it in its operating system by default, the world did not notice it. True, in all honesty, Skype did not become better. And in the last update appeared interface, which is already frankly annoying. All the talks about the fact that Skype are being used by bad guys immediately died down. And the bad guys themselves have gone from Skype to more convenient networks.

But another thing is Github - this is the largest open area for open programs. There are source codes of any open source software. All self-respecting crypto-projects put there the source code of their programs, blockchains and smartcontracts. If the project does not have source code for Github, it is considered that either it has something to hide or source codes are copied from somewhere.

But here's the question, where are the sources of Windows or Mac OS? We will not find them there. And why? Everyone already knows, even to children, that Windows 10 collects too much information about users without their consent. There are even special guides, how to "fix" the system registry , to prevent personal data from being sent to Microsoft. But the source code of the operating system is closed.Why does this closed system need the largest repository of all open programs in the world? And the importance of this, as some call Github - a dump for encoders, is so high that Big Brother gave 7.5 Instagrams for this lasciviousness.

There is a premonition that Big Brother always scares places where there is open information, he wants to control everyone and everything. i think we should expected that in the work of Github there will be innovations that are unlikely to please the free community. Thus, for example, Apple, for a long time did not miss the update in the AppStore Telegram, which contained elements of the new decentralized infrastructure TON MTProto. There is no guarantee that Github, controlled by microsoft, will not be able to remove "harmful" development, for example, the sources of anonymous currencies or instant messengers.


The most important signal that everything is not so good was that the developers urgently ran to transfer their projects to a still free and uncompensated Gitlab, and began to do so massively that poor Gitlab could not stand the inflow of new users and lay down.

We should be patient and wait for what other elements of the free infrastructure the Big Brother wants to buy in the near future. Let's hope when TON is launched in Telegram, it will work longer, before it becomes the property of Microsoft or Goldman Sachs.