Why Kucoin exchange?

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The crypto industry is developing and at times the marketplaces most beloved by all, the real giants of the market, are beginning to take their positions, while the more interesting, profitable and progressive exchanges are entering the arena.

One of such promising platforms is the KuCoin exchange (official website).

 Kuсoin is a young trading platform, which began its work in 2017.
The developers of the platform chose the famous trading platform called Binance for the inheritance, and in many respects the KuCoin exchange resembles a more famous predecessor and even inherits its development path in some ways. This is not a minus - if anyone should take an example, it is from the areas of the first magnitude.

The history of the Kucoin begins with the appearance of a small exchange service called Kubi. And since it was in China, then at some point the service became impossible due to attacks by regulators, after  the exchanger transformed it into a stock exchange that worked with digital money.

Developers moved to Hong Kong and were inspired by the example of the Binance exchange, since they conducted an ICO, where they sold their own token called KuCoin Shares.
200 million tokens of the standard ERC20 were released, the founders of Kucoin collected a good amount during croweding, and in August 2017 the exchange began its work.

KuCoin has something that has allowed it to stand out from the crowd - both beginners and professionals give it preference, since the site is really qualitatively different from many competitors. Kucoin users pleases both the functional and trading opportunities of the exchange, we must not forget about the very loyal, friendly attitude of the administration to clients. Below I will describe the advantages of KuCoin, which will explain why in the future it may have great prospects.


Kucoin boasts a number of advantages and, frankly speaking, many TOP exchanges are inferior to this novelty for some moments.

1.Represented a large number of trading pairs.

2.The daily turnover of the exchange is growing day by day

3.Operations are carried out quickly, the exchange does not brake during the bidding. According to the developers themselves, the functionality of Kukoin is calculated for 2 million issued orders and 1 million executable.

4.The exchange has its own KuCoin Shares crypto currency, its holders receive bonuses and pay reduced commission fees. From time to time tokens are redeemed by the exchange and burned, which in the future will lead to an appreciation of the KuCoin Shares.

5.Low commission for withdrawal, in some areas they are completely absent - for example, for NEO.

6.In addition to the web version, you can use the exchange through special applications for iOS and Android.

7.Responsive support service, which promptly solves user problems (feedback on the KuCoin exchange confirms this).

8.Quick withdrawal of funds - up to 10 minutes.

9.There is no mandatory verification of the user.

10.There is a three-level referral program - 20% -12% -8% of the commission fees of the site.

If the developers will countinue to work in the same spirit, then the exchange with ease will be able to take a leading position in the market.

For a short time of work (at the time of writing the review), the KuCoin  exchange collected a lot of mostly positive feedback about itself, as it is convenient and reliable, has low commissions for bidding, and most importantly, every day it is increasing its speed (the number of available for trading tokens, the volume of trades on many cryptocurrency pairs increases) + is available in many languages (attracts active traders from all corners of the world).

So I strongly recommend to all traders to SIGN UP and trade on this exchange too.

Thanks for reading!


This does sound good.does the iPhone ap work in the us?

I really enjoy using kucoin its one of my favourite exchanges and one of the fastest when moving crypto too and from the exchange

if only they could do something similar to binance regarding the dust you accumulate via Kucoin Shares it would really be one of the best platforms, even the best

you are right man, but they are listing new tokens almost everyday and daily turnover growing, so soon kucoin shares might accumulate not just a dust :)

Kucoin and binance are the top two exchanges for alt. coins

You are right man!

👍👍 oui , moi aussi j aime Kucoin ⤵️⤵️

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There customer support is pretty poor, just look at the state of there reddit. they dont even pay out their bonus schemes properly

honestly i do not use reddit, but their telegram chat is pretty active. Im 2 month in kucoin and hadnt any problems with bonus payout