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Good Afternoon pubbers and welcome to the joint as we celebrate the end of another week and merrily socialize into the weekend. Lets take a look at where we are in crypto land to end the week and what to expect over the weekend.

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The ticker this morning is predominantly red with Bitcoin sideways and holding at $11,775 under decreasing trade volume. Many of the GPU-mined coins are deeper in the red including Ethereum, Zcash, and Bitcoin Gold which are all down over 5% on the day. In the Poodle Race of entertaining alts, 0X Protocol (ZRX) is in the lead up over 2% while FUN is in last place, at $.002376 up and down and up and now down almost 6% from where it was yesterday.

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T&A today is brought to you by @briggsy who is preaching caution and correction in overall economy
The 12-hour Bitcoin chart is grabbing my attention as we head toward the weekend. Mainly because of the impending MACD downward Cross (generally accompanied by a drop) and the falling support on the RSI. The last downward cross on the 12 wasn't too bad but it was 17 days ago so we are due. A really astute Bollinger Band swing trader would have sold around $12,300 as the 45-day resistance tested again and the price was above the upper Bollinger. If action/price stays bullish in the short term, we may head down to $11,300 and a return to the lower Bollinger for a bearish correction sits around $10,750 if you are into speculation. Exercise caution as the largest movements downward can happen at the bottom of the STOCH.

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Bonus T&A brought to you by @donald.porter who has taken to the turntables for some new music
It is possible that you are as bored with the BTC charts as I am so I will look at the Zcash 12-hour one. It has been a rough summer for the semi-private GPU-mine currency as we have dropped 40% in USD value from the high of $124. We had a death cross (50-day moving average crosses the 200-day) and an awful upward cross on the MACD which actually resulted in a continued drop. As a flyer, I am looking to buy a bit at the support line which was established back at the end of March. A rally back to the high of the end of June will result in a doubling of my money but a 25% profit sell would be reasonable to expect if there is not a break of resistance downward. A girl has to have some fun and roll the dice no?

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