Bitcoin 6000 will NOT hold

in #cryptos4 years ago
  • Steem is at 88 cents, a fresh low, now down 90% this year
  • The cryptocurrency market cap (all cryptos together) just hit the lowest value since early November - $200B could buy all the cryptos in the universe
  • Bitcoin dominance continues to fresh high of 53% (bearish sign)
  • The bears and the tsunami of negative pressure will win, and the Bitcoin market will have a "$152 moment":


Cryptos are cheap, but they may get a fair bit cheaper before prices begin to recover through 2019.


It may take a couple weeks, but that 6000 level looks absolutely doomed, which means a test of 4XXX support is likely. (That's something I've been saying since the 20000 high.)


If you have powder dry, your boatload moment may be coming soon. Please note that I'm a pattern-spotter, not a trader, nor an advisor. And certainly not your trade advisor. Come to your own conclusions - these are mine. :)



It didn't hold, now it's there's a bounce, maybe another shoulder for the head and shoulders pattern?

I agree 👍

Only 4 hours after we agreed on this, the Bitcoin chart took a sharp dive to 5880. Good call bro ; )

I saw that too 👀 nice to see someone being realistic about bitcoin