Crypto Shots now connected to the HIVE Blockchain

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A 3D first-person shooter browser game connected to the Hive blockchain, Crypto- Shots uses collecting NFTs as your in-game currency for items like weapons, ammo, characters, and shields.

This game is a great news for those who love to play shooting games with gun. You can now enjoy shooting drones and at the same time have the opportunity to earn Crypto Shots token, Dot Omega (DOOM).

I will share here my experience and a little bit of guide and tip on playing the Crypto Shots.
You can check the game in this link:

It will direct you into this Main Menu that gives you two option.

You can play it for free with no login required.

Or choose the option play to earn that lets you to earn tokens.

After choosing one of the options, you will be redirected here in this page. One little feature about this one is your cursor lets you navigate the background of the Main Menu.
You can choose your level: Easy, Medium, Hard

You will be teleported into this map, which can be different/ random sometimes. You will be given 3 minutes to finish/ kill all the drones. On the lower left is your 300 health. While on the lower right is the ammo of your gun. On the top left are the Main Menu button, and the button for full screen. The straight red line will be your guide on finding the drones.

Here is a closer look of the drones. Sometimes you will be immediately surprised by them after you teleported in the map, so you have to be quick on shooting them. At first, I thought the red circle around them is a target lock symbol. But it was actually their remaining health.

Here is another photo to understand it clearly. The red circle is decreasing after shooting the drone.

Next is our mini map or radar for the drones. During my first game, I ignored this one. But I found out that it was so important. If you see some red circles on the line. It means there are some drones nearby.

The biggger the circle the closer you are to the drones. Little/ dots means you are far from the drone.

But if the red line is empty. This means there are no drones nearby. You have to go into a new spot to find the drones.

If the drones saw you and started to attack. The red circle on the red line will change into purple. Once you have been shot, your screen will flash red just like in the picture. They can deal a damage of 10 to your health.

After you successfully taken down the drone. It will drop this blue thing which is useful for recovering your health. My health here is 100 after the attack.

After collecting the blue crystals, I now have a total of 180 health. This means each blue crystal can give you extra 40 HP.

Right now, we do not have a reload option or loots for ammo. But we have another set of gun floating around that serves as our extra ammo.

Each gun have their own number of ammo. Base on my observation, they also deal different damage. Some of the guns here can one hit a drone.
GUN#1: 50 Ammo
GUN#2: 20 Ammo
GUN#3: 10 Ammo
GUN#4: 10 Ammo

It is also possible to carry multiple guns. You can change guns with your number keys.
1 - First gun
2 - Second gun
3- Third gun

There are some crates or boxes that cannot be opened yet. I guess this can contain some ammo, health, or even extra shield.

A sneak peak inside the map.

Another map which is a little bit challenging because you can be killed once you fall into the void. It will not respawn you into the game, it will be automatically game over.

I also tried jumping into higher places because I am curios if it will deal some damage to my HP.

After trying it out, I found out that jumping from high place can deal damage that can range from 11-15. I was shot by the drone after jumping that is why you can see a greater damage after falling. But I tried jumping again and it deals 11 damage.

If you like to try the game you can visit this link:

You can also check this contest of ocd:
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Thanks for your review!

Never managed to complete the 1st level? Once you do you can access the 2nd and 3rd levels!

Another map which is a little bit challenging

Ahah, that's just the roof of the same map. You can enter from the window if you jump down to your left.
When you play in P2E mode you can have the teleport and all level-0 rare skins to avoid that and always get teleported in the weapons room!

Take care 😎

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Oh I thought it was another map! haha. I was not able to explore the roof because I accidentally fall into the void. Thank you for the clarification.