Slowing Down

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Sometimes I get busy and don't have time to do some things. I know that may seem like an excuse to some people and some people don't like excuses but I like to look at it as a reason.
I have reasons for what I do and sometimes it's because I don't feel good. I have to lay down almost every day for about two hours or so. I don't think I should have to explain but I wanted to. I do have a health problem and I'm trying not to have more. I won't go into the details again because I think I've already mentioned my health problem(s) before.

I am still working on things online and doing what I feel like doing. I have slowed down on the surfing of traffic exchanges and some of the other things I was doing online but I am still active on a few things. I am online every day and besides eBay, Facebook, email and one main traffic exchange, I also have been checking my local craigslist off & on and did put one item on there to resell. I have been watching bitcoin and bought more at about 5200 even tho I could only buy $23 of it. I have also traded some tokens on the steem-engine and got more CTPM and staked those. I more than doubled what I had and I'm planning on getting more soon.

I've checked my crypto and tokens again as usual.

My CTP BusyLion badge

Thanks for reading and have a great day or night or what ever it is where ever you are :-)



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Congrats on getting some BTC at the new low price, and thank you for the BusyLion badge!

I don't think we need to accept other people's definitions of our reasons for doing what we do. There's a cost/benefit calculation to everything we do, and as long as your reasons for doing what you do work out well for you, then that's okay no matter what other people might think or say about it.