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If you can call it working. I've been buying things off of eBay. Patches, leather vest, jacket, boots, dvds, cds, etc.
I sold one jacket a day after I got it for about a $7 profit because a friend liked it so much. I thought it was a bit small for me so I am glad somebody smaller than me wanted it. I do have the pictures that were on the eBay ad but I won't bother posting those here since I sold the jacket but it had a patch of an eagle with banner that said GOD BLESS AMERICA

I found a different jacket that was around $20 so I'm still getting one (with no patches) but I've been buying so many patches I'll have plenty of choices of things to put on it.

I'm going to have to sell off some things I don't use anymore but I'm thinking about trying craigslist first and maybe a yardsale when the weather is good and no rain in the forecast.
I don't like doing shipping and my printer is out of black ink so it would be hard to do the eBay thing for selling again.

I've checked my crypto and tokens again as usual.

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Thanks for reading and have a great day or night or what ever it is where ever you are :-)



So, Mark, you are trading with jackets? :) Jokes aside, I see a very good idea there... maybe creating unique jackets with adding patches to them...

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It is always cool to find new ideas to generate money and explore, try, and repeat the process.