dCrops - Spring Planting time, Do I have enough seed?

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dCrops is a farming game on the Hive Platform. It is a passive game that is not very time consuming. This is will be my third season playing this game. It is a very passive, non-time consuming game but it does require a little start up investment.

Spring Planting

At the end of the Winter Season, I sold my 1 Alpha pack and bought enough seeds so that I could fill up the two land plots that I own. Well now the spring season has begun and it is time to plant.

I have 1 Kale and 3 Broccoli which need to be planted.

four seeds to plant.PNG

Land not allowing to be planted for Spring.PNG

Seeds are planted.PNG

All of my spring seeds are planted so now what.

Days for Growing

It will take the Kale 6 days till it is ready for harvest and it will take the Broccoli 5 days. Since my land is fulling planted with all my seeds, I can leave the game and return in 5 days to harvest the Broccoli and then come back the following day to harvest the Kale.

Kale takes 6 days till harvest.PNG

Broccoli takes 5 days till harvest.PNG


With the planting of the seeds I purchased, I was able to complete two of the quests for the spring season.

Quest - Plant 1 Broccoli seed.PNG

Quest - Plant 1 Kale seed.PNG

But there are several quests that I will not even be able to attempt. Due to this, I will not be able to claim and earn any quest rewards for this season because I do not own any Cauliflower, Strawberry or Cabbage seeds.

Spring Season quest.PNG

Season ends in 13 Days?

With the season ending in 13 days and the seeds I planted being ready for harvest in 6 days max. I have planted all the seed that I have purchased. What do I do in the back half of the spring season? Currently I do not have any additional seeds to plant. I will need to consider buying more seeds just to take advantage of the full growing seasons.

I am not going to worry about that right now, I just spent all the money from the pack I sold so will need to wait until I have saved up enough to purchase more seeds.

Season ends in 13 days.PNG


Do you know when they will make new packs available in the game?

They are working on them now. They plan to release them in the first quarter next year.

Glad to see someone posting about this game. I just started in last growing season. Now in the spring one. How do you get the crops into Hive earnings?

thank you for the comment. Spring is only my third season just learning as well. I have not yet transferred CROP to Hive Engine but I believe you click on the middle box on the dashboard. It will bring up the second screen shot that allows you to transfer the tokens to Hive engine. Take care.



Thank you for a prompt reply. I to am just getting use to this game.

Good luck and I wish you the best

Yay! 🤗
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