Token BOOSTER Just Activated Today - Halloween Special Surfer Rewards!

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Token BOOSTER Activated!


Win CTP Tokens TODAY!

Today we have activated the Halloween Special CTP Token Booster and you can earn EXTRA FREE CTP TOKENS which we will pay you Tonight!

In order to participate in today Halloween Special Token BOOSTER you will need to grab your Personalised Halloween Splash Page from the CryptoTraffic4u Affiliate Toolbox member area and send Traffic to it from our selected Traffic Exchanges below for today. Me and @elizabetamt will be surfing the Traffic Exchanges LOOKING for your personalised Splash Page!


Every time we find your Halloween Splashpage in the surf you earn 10 CTP. If we find your page 10 times, 20 times you will get 10 CTP again and again and again!

Surf These Traffic Exchanges Today And Send Traffic To Your Halloween Splashpage!

We hope you enjoy today's CTP Token Booster which was created to help the awesome community grow and earn at the same time!

Feel free to ask any questions which we will answer.


10% @CTPSB added to Beneficiaries


Yeay I love free things😀

Its not for you lol :p

Thanks a lot for putting the @ctpsb account as beneficiary of the post!

That's a nice offer for the TE people! CTP tokens rain!!!

wow i just saw this. not sure i can do both te there as i may to wait for approving. but ok go for it people

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First Update from @djsl82

Surfed 500 at - 0 Splash Pages Found
Surfed 500 at - 0 Splash Pages Found

Next Update after surf 1,000 at each TE above. Send Traffic to your pages at the TE's above to be in with a chance of being seen. Every time we see your page you earn 10 CTP paid tonight!

2nd Update...

Surfed 1,000 at - 1 Splash Pages Found
Surfed 1,000 at - 2 Splash Pages Found

I have it in place in both; the trouble is: I believe it's way too big to lead to anything but wasting credits...