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What is the cause?

We always hear of people who have a stroke after a fall in the bath.
Why have we not heard of falling elsewhere?
When I took part in a healthy lifestyle course, a National Sports Council Professor, who also participated in the course, advised that:
The head should not be washed first in the process of taking a bath (even washing of the hair).

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The parts of the body should be cleaned first.
🖑 This is because when the head is wet and cold, blood will flow to the head to warm it up.
If the blood vessels have narrowed, it is likely to cause the blood vessels to rupture.
🖑 Since it usually happens in the bathroom, be sure to raise awareness to avoid this happening again.
Start the wetness from the sole.
Progress to the Small legs, the thigh, abdomen and then shoulder.
At this point, pause for 5-10 seconds.
A feeling like steam/wind overflowing from the body may be observed, and then take a shower as usual.
When a glass is filled with hot water, and then suddenly emptied and filled with cold water; what happens?
The glass will burst.
Then, with regards to the human body, what happens?
Naturally, the body temperature is very hot, whereas the water is very cold,
a cold shower on the body or the head directly would suddenly trap the wind, or deaden it, because the blood vessels got broken.
Oh, this is why people often suddenly fall over in the bathroom; due to the wrong bathing method. And that often causes a stroke or causes a migraine.

This bathing method is suitable for all ages, especially those with Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Migraine/Headache.
Please, don't only just get enlightened by this remember even to eat has rules. Everything has rules and Rey. Let’s be careful so that we can enjoy our health.
Thank you, everyone.


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