Earning $1 To $3 Per Day In Curation Rewards On CTPTalk And Steem

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My general goal is to earn and help others to earn about $15 per month on Steem.  $15 because it will help them to cover the cost of their membership of a $12 program until they get at least one other person to join with them.

Earn $1 to $3 Per Day Without Referrals

Over $10,000 Per Month With Referrals

Go check it out... [click here].

The earnings form Steem will help to cover their $12 expense until they start getting referrals.  As they get referrals, they will be able to buy more Steem and CTP Tokens in order speed the growth of their income without having to depend on referrals.

With all that in mind, I have been making an effort to really understand Steem for about two weeks now. The videos below have been the most helpful in helping me to develop a strategy to earn and grow my income as a curator.

First, log into your account at CTP and go through the videos about Steem and CTPTalk... [click here].

Earning As A Curator On Steem

The job is to find and UpVote content that the community will like between 15 and 30 minutes after it has been posted. UpVoting before 15 minutes will not earn you any curation rewards. 


Curation Strategy

Use SteemAuto.com to follow the curation trail of people who are already earning lots of curation rewards. Do that by looking at the wallets of account that are making good money then add them to SteemAuto.com.

You can also use SteemAuto to UpVote your friends or people who you trust to post good content regularly.

I have set my account to UpVote people who normally get lots of UpVotes on everything they post. This keeps my account UpVoting all day and night as top content creators post randomly when I am offline.

You will be able to see your account activity while you were sleeping by visiting... steemd.com/@imbartley

I have also set the system to follow people who are posting good content consistently with the tag ctp


Voting Mana/Power


Your voting power gets replenished at about 20 percent per day or when you convert your earnings to Steem Power. You need to figure out the right amount of UpVoting that you can do every day in order buy more Steem and CTP Power every day.

Remember the goal is to build the account to the point where you can extract at least $15 per month.

So you have seen my plan, you know my strategy please share ideas to help me improve and possibly hit my goals quicker.

Ian Bartley



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