The Return Of The Hardest Contest To Win On The Blockchain

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I had a lot of fun with this when I first joined 'the blockchain that shall remain nameless'...

I had a new account, no followers, and practically no engagement on my posts...So I decided to take matters into my own hands and have a little bit of fun to get 'noticed'.

It was called the 'Hardest Contest To Win' and trust me...Nothing will change ;)

First, the rules...

  1. Comment on this post! You can say hi, talk about how awesome HIVE is, or the weather...I just wanna engage with you :)
  2. Make sure you follow me and @clicktrackprofit (I smell really good...And the CTP tribe is awesome!)
  3. Bonus: Tell your friends about it, or re-blog it...But not required..!!!!

And....That's it!

And that folks...Is why we call it the 'hardest contest to win on the blockchain!'....

Ok, that's the rules...Here's what you are playing for :)

  1. Top Prize of 1000 HIVE Power Delegation for a month!
  2. Second Prize of 100 HIVE Tokens
  3. 3rd, 4th and 5th Place Prizes of 25 HIVE each!

How will the prizes be awarded?

We'll do the live drawing on Thursday April 23rd on our Thursday Night Live webinar!

We'll go through all the comments and make sure you guys followed the SUPER HARD rules of entry and then randomly pick the winners using

I know....Super hard!

O.K. Jon...What's the catch and why are you doing this?

I appreciate every single opportunity I get to engage with members of the HIVE community, and want to have a little bit of fun while getting people into the habit of commenting more...On my posts, but mostly on HIVE overall.

I believe in engagement and think it's most critical aspect of HIVE's growth.

Also, as I've done this before, I know how powerful it can be to help my accounts get new followers. I want to raise awareness specifically to the CTP Tribe and that's why we're working to get new followers @clicktrackprofit

And...Without a shadow of a doubt...I love giving away stuff lol

If you've been to any of our webinars on Monday or Thursday nights, you'll know how much we love doing giveaways. This is just a fun way I think, to add some value to your journey here on HIVE!

And that's it....

The Hardest Contest To Win On Hive has begun....Good luck and thanks for playing along :)


We'd love to have you in our tribe and community :) - Our Tribes Front End




This is a really great contest Jon, and wow what engagement, 58 comments as I am writing this, bribing people works lol, I am inviting @cryptospa, @alokkumar121, @certain, @fiberfrau, @reeta0119, @pjansen, @paulcaraway, @kaelci to join the contest, stay awesome.

Awesome man, thanks for the support. Yeah the contests always get people fired up!

It's a great way to get engagement

I didn't even know you have live webinars, hope I can remember to login for the live draw. Sounds pretty cool 😎

Oh we're streaming at least 3 times a week...Sometimes more because we have no life now and have to social distance lol

Hello all of Hivers

introduce I am @ericha from Indonesia. I was landed on Hive for 2 weeks a go. And now I growing up my Hive Power. You know what? My Hive account bigger than my steemit account. also the Hive wallet.

Thanks for Hivers whose always support my content. Reblog this post and I would like to calling for all my friend to join the Hard Contest of Hive

That is awesome!!!

Welcome to HIVE and so cool to hear that!

Awesome! After many months of goal setting, I have finally reached my 10k staked CTP tokens target :) time to set new goals ^_^ be safe & well everyone! :)


Very nice :)

I had to start over myself lol I'm at 1000 CTP Tokens lolol

I like this contest and I found a little bit of myself while reading ... LOL

And...Without a shadow of a doubt...I love giving away stuff lol

This is awesome. I followed you already but still @clicktrackprofit was new to me.
Perhaps @golddeck, @kgwork, @erikklok, @bitandi, @wonderwop, @omra-sky, @chrisparis, @ronaldoavelino, @takowi, @hans001, @monsterbuster or @siphon would like to join too?

Thanks for organizing this contest!

Thanks for the mention @pundito! I'm in (obviously)

Appreciate that very much and thanks so much for the support and follow :)

The hardest contest is the easiest contest I have come across so far. What an irony. Well, could probably be true cause people find it a bit difficult to engage for a long time.

Time to sip my tea and read over 100+ comments🤒

Over 100? Wow.....Hey says something about HIVE and how awesome the community can be!!!

Well, hive is a wonderful place to be coupled with the communities though it is more demanding when compared with the other. I'm looking forward to come across lots of amazing people with diverse talents here.

Wow that was easy. I've got 52.598 CTP staked. Didn't check much about the community for a good time. Great to see everything going well 😃

Awesome :) Thanks very much for checking it out!!

interesting contest, I am in

Welcome to the fun :)

Alright then, so I woke up this morning and felt like doing some exercise but after I publish a post. After I published the post about Youtube content creators that do more whining than take action(join 3speak, tube and other social blockchain media), I planned to do some exercise. 1 hour later, I'm still on my laptop, playing Splinterlands and getting my ass beat.

lol man.....Impressive.

I got out of bed and managed to put on my socks lol

What can I say?... I'm a daredevil like that

#ctptalk on #HIVE is the marriage you were speaking of after a sad divorce from that unnamed blockchain.... a fairy tale where the wedding finally happened as Unicorns rejoiced, pixies danced, ghosts hover & the Toronto Raptors are STILL the world's champions!!

But seriously, this is the place to be & it's only the beginning! I mean, come on, where else will you find all of this - an amazing community that is truly FAMILY as we all build our dreams! :)

Oh that is in fact...a BIG truth....The Raptors are STILL world champs!!!!

YES and we need to remind Scott of this every day! 🤣🤣

indeed the hardest I was lost dunno which way to go, lol, followed both... hive on!

LOL Yup, we tried to make it extra difficult for everyone this time lol

I can’t do it! lol

Dude, you CAN!!!! I believe in you!!!

That's super hard indeed! 😂

Oh no doubt...Hardest contest ever lol

oooh! and made it in time! 1 ✅ 2✅ 3✅
Now on the way to ctp engagement wheel

Awesome! Yeah man @russellstockley does a great job with that!

I think that I can't do it... :(

Can someone please help me? 🙂

Dude...I know!!!!

So step one....Save a unicorn! Step two, save another ;)

I'll just reblog it and tell the people if the number of comments reach to 50 he will dance on camera next Thursday!

Oh the dance is a guarantee lolol

Good Morning! Happy Sunday @jongolson! Hope this finds you well and healthy! I sure enjoy the challenge of entering these impossibly difficult contests you create! :-)

LOL My bad....I know it's pretty tough. But I believe in ya' Lisa lol you can do it :)

Yes, I was compelled to rise to the challenge.

Great contest @jongolson! Thanks for tagging me @forykw.

Thanks for taking part, appreciate it very much :)

I followed CTP, even shared on twitter.
Then I determined this contact was simply impossible.
May be better not to even enter

Ha ha ha ha ha my bad man, will make it easier next time...Promise!

This is awesome!!

It made me to remember my days as a #stewardsofgondor, a program created by @fulltimegeek more than 2 years back and there was a similar thing like tracking who commented the most(in terms of words).

Hi to all :)

Welcome to the fun :)

Just a way we can get the engagement going plus reward some action takers in the community!

100% agree with that.
I am already interacting more today than many previous days :)

Hive is Awesome and so the CTP is.

I have been following you already and just now followed CTP account. Reblogged.
Needless to say that you are doing great work on the platform @jongolson
Have a great day.

Appreciate the kind words and support very much :)

Yeah, we're pretty pumped up about HIVE and all the opportunities it'll present!

Thanks for doing this, and everything else, Jon. Love the engagement, the passion and the enthusiasm.

Quick question about the 1st prize, Hive delegation for a month... That means the winner will be able to power up new members by sending some Hive their way, right?

The delegation is for the winner to help them 'upvote' more people and even their own content. :)

Ummmm...I wonder if I'll win this one?
Challenge accepted lol!

Welcome to the fun :)

I am here! I am Alive! Great idea Jon :) And hello world :)

Awesome man, thanks for taking part!

This is great. I am trying to make or comment on one thing a day...until I am ready for another blog post. So here I am..doing plus one daily enhanced

That's the trick :)

Keep commenting until you have some content for the world to see. It'll help you get known in the community and on the blockchain!

Hello there @jongolson! Thanks my [email protected] for inviting me here. I smell something nice and good in coming here so let's keep the ball rolling! As for Hive, I find it awesome and interactions are highly appreciated. I am having good time here especially in my needlework activities amongst others. Keep it up bro.!
I am inviting @fycee, @dashand, @elitegold @nortetrader, @lapilipinas and the rest who happen to bump on my posts to participate here.
Keep safe everyone!

Awesome :)

Thanks so much for the comments. And I appreciate the extra help spreading the word about the contest!

Thank you.

Hi sounds interesting.

I would join now but Peakd doesn't seem to allow me to explore communities. Only the ones I follow come up.

Thanks man, appreciate your interest....

Yeah our community on HIVE is here:

Have to admit, we haven't done much with it yet. Been focusing more on the front end condenser. But will spice things up moving forward for sure :)

Hey thanks for link, subscribed!

I guess when it comes to development, you have to prioritise and i know these things take time.

Yeah, the community stuff was super confusing and didn't wanna mess up how to post and where to post. I'm still learning it myself lol

It's great to be on Hive and it's great to have CTP on Hive. I like CTP because here people really do interact. A great plus is that CTP makes it possible to reward comments!

It is very difficult to reach a reward on comments with Hive alone because of the reward curve. Therefore there is not much incentive for people to leave comments. With CTP token it is much easier to reward people for interacting with your posts. In my eyes this is a huge advantage. So I'm really glad that CTP is full on Hive.

Thanks a lot for hosting "This hardest contest to win" ;-)

Best regards,

Thanks so much for the kind words!

And yup, that's exactly it. My little 15% upvote for comments here might get peanuts, but on CTP it'll be worth more...Bonus for engaging across the board :)

You're being followed.... 😃

Awesome! Thank you so much :)

Today we have a sunny day. I love this weather.

Ha ha ha ha ha Awesome!!! Welcome to the party!

Thank you :)

I really must check out @clicktrackprofit. I have been meaning to do so.

Exciting days! All the DAPPs and haps on HIVE! Things are looking up! I just recently sponsored a contest myself! It was great fun.

Appreciate that very much!

Oh these are great. It fires people up and gets folks talking...A win - win in my books :)

Great to see that this contest made it to Hive! Mike stole all my luck as I was the one that used to win all the time t shirts books etc. Have a great week. We are about to get some real spring weather down here this week!!

Yeah man lol Love the weather reference cause we are too LOL

Nice one! It seems to work well already 😊

So far so good :)

Hope it fires a lot of people up this week!

I hope so too 😊

Hello, @jongolson, I thought how hard the rules! But simple. You are doing amazing person we need here and I am with you support #hive.
Inviting @otom @mers @jurich60 @sarimanok @wakeupkitty @gremayo @mermaidvampire @strongwoman @benedict08
Good luck everyone and have a nice day ahead!

Yup, super hard :)

Thank you so much for taking part and for the support!

Right... if you invite @wakeupkitty... I invite @foxkoit =) LOL let the battle begin! 🤣

thanks, @olivia08 how about little @fycee?

I love to take part in such "super hard" contest.

LOL Great to have you :)

Yeah we made it extra hard for the community....Big tasks required :)

Done following the hardest rules on this contest.. Good luck to the winner.

I know right....Extremely difficult :)

Thanks for taking part!

yeah.. it is! haha thanks for initiating this kind of engagement contest..

My pleasure :)

Excellent way to have fun, promoting user interaction on the platform.

Thank you for allowing us to get closer every day... And we will continue to bet on Blockchain technology.

Hugs and kisses in the distance but not in oblivion 😘😘😘

Appreciate that!

Yeah that's the end goal really....Raise awareness for my accounts sure...But getting more people to engage and reward them for doing so :)

Hi again... quick question.. what happens to CTP tokens on STEEM-Engine? no way to move them to HIVE-Engine?

My entry =)


And I invite @jaynie and @melinda010100


You would have gotten an air drop from Steem Engine to Hive Engine. :)

Yes indeed I have. But then the old ones are just whatever they are right? no cooking recipes to move the STEEM ones to HIVE that you are aware of? That would change the supply so, I am presuming not.

Nah, it was a 1:1 snap shot and air drop. Happened last week. Which basically destroyed the price of them on Steem Engine. The value to us is on Hive and Hive-Engine....The other blockchain can do whatever it's going to do lol

Nice, thanks. That's what I wanted the community to ear =)

Hi Jon, It's not my fault if I win it just means more people need to engage for the law of averages . lol

Ha Ha ha ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Or at least hire him to....Play the lottery for me? lol

LOL Man, if you win this...I give up lol

You are an "OUT-LAW".... there are no written laws for your luck... 🤣

Don't you DARE!!! lmao 🤣🤣

Awesome. Love the spirit of giving. @shoemanchu check this out.

Appreciate that! Yeah this contest was pretty popular when I did it on Steem many moons ago. Thought it would be fun to do another one on HIVE

Hi Jon - Noice Post Man :)
Beeing part of the Swarm on this thriving Hive of activity is the best connectivity there is. One could say its the Honey on My Peanut Butter sandwich :)

LOL And I thought I was the only one that put honey on peanut butter sandwiches LOL

Gratz on being one of the first tribes to move 100% to HIVE.

Thanks, we don't see anywhere else we'd rather be :)

Yup, much nicer here than what the old home has turned into.

And is it my impression or HIVE-Engine is WAY faster than STEEM-Engine?

It has been so far from my experience. Been working like a charm really...Hope it keeps up :)

I haven't even fw Hive-engine before. Let me check it out

Now its on 50% discount for everyone that wants to migrate... lets see how this week comes by with more an more awareness going out to the social distancing... wrong choice of words. PHYSICAL distancing...

No, I don't think I will.

ha ha ha ha ha the best!

Hello there! Thanks to @olivia08 for inviting me here. I smell something nice and good is cooking right here so let's keep the ball rolling! It's awesome with Hive. I highly appreciate the votes I got especially in my needleworks amongst others. I will read more once my internet connectivity gets better.
Keep safe everyone!

Giving things away via my Shadow Contest is my favorite part of being on Hive, so I understand how you feel about the Hardest Contest to Win! Have fun with it!