Is there MONEY in Traffic Exchanges?

in #ctplast year (edited)

Well, that depends on what you call Money!
I guess most should know EasyHits4U and Hungry for Hits are the (only) Traffic Exchanges I still use on a daily base as from ancient times in #CTP I have Lifetime upgrade on most of the major TEs and see TE die on a daily base.
Why should I have truckloads of credits in TEs who will be 'Out Of Biz' in a few days?

What if Hungry for Hits pays me (about) 60 Cents a day for surfing only
Above is the Ca$h Account onHungry for Hits for a single day; in the Piggy Bank Account is even more.

The important point is NOT to cash out that amounts anytime but convert it into Piggy Bank amounts as that gives 20% add on and THEN purchase Login Ads and Start Pages and so on like I do:

Never ever purchase Credits, as they are an Add On Only- see:

Today I've been lazyimage.png
Tonite it will be 2K Hits while watching Matrix on DVD; that's what I have in mind for today.


What's the very best Moment on Hungry each and every day???
Damn True! It's Gotcha.
Non the less... 1.495 Clicks to go...

Yeah... Done..
.The Counter stops at 2K...
3404 Credits could do the Job...