Good Morning & Happy Friday

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This post has been removed.

With this, I am taking a long hiatus from HIVE. I do not have time for drama or walking on egg shells. I appreciate the ones who have been supportive & wish everyone well.

Much love



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Oh, I am so sorry to see you go from Hive, dearest @pixiepost - and very sorry that you've encountered drama or anything other than the usual enthusiastic supportive community here.

I've seen a few (relatively) obnoxious responses to posts over the years I've been here on Hive, mostly from folks who are 'moderating' specific communities - and come off as aggressively inhospitable, in the least.
I don't know the specifics of your post that you've removed, but I do know that some (or even, many!) of the communities here have really tight rules and strict guidelines about 'how to post'.... Rigid sharing rules don't work for me, and I've removed myself from such communities and become more active in ones that both accept how I post, and also where there is a healthy reciprocal dynamic and actual, helpful responses from those participating in the group.

I do hope you might find a way to contribute within Hive that works more symbiotically for you: I'll miss your card readings in particular, and your beautiful energetic presence!

Blessings and all good things to you,

You will be missed.

Best wishes and positive thoughts.

I hope this is some kind of troll. Sorry to read this. You'll be missed.

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