Ranup Lampuan | Traditional Aceh Dance For Guest Reception

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Indonesia is a country that is rich in regional culture. In each province it has its own culture and characteristics that make culture in Indonesia diverse. Cultural diversity includes traditional musical instruments, typical clothes, traditional houses, traditional weapons, and also traditional dance. Countless more riches of Indonesian culture.


Aceh, as a prominent region in terms of culture has a distinctive dance that is used to welcome guests, namely the dance "Ranup lam Puan". "Ranup" represents "sirih" in the Acehnese language, while "Puan" is a typical Acehnese betel nut. In this dance, the dancers carry betel in "puan." For the people of Aceh, betel has become a kind of symbol of guest glorification. The original Indonesian vines have been used to entertain guests in the daily lives of the people of Aceh. The dance can be said as a cultural visualization of a symbol of guest respect. Ranup Lampuan dance is often offered to welcome guests who attend important events. In weddings, these dance offerings are intended to welcome the bridegroom's arrival by the bride's family, and also appear at other sacred events in receiving government guests.



Ranup Lampuan dance was first created in 1959 by one of the famous artists from Aceh named Yusrizal. Ranup Lampuan dance itself has undergone several changes over the times. However, on the basis it is just a change following the times without changing the original dance. In this dance, there is the role of dancers as prima donna and companion dancers. Differences in contrast are seen through the clothes used, where the excellent dancer uses more beautiful clothes.



In addition to Dance Ranup Lampuan as a guest greeting dance, in Aceh itself has another dance that is no less beautiful, which makes the eyes of the world fixed on Acehnese traditional dances that carry the name Aceh famous throughout the world through dances such as: Saman Dance, Tarek Pukat, Didong Dance, Rapai Geleng dance, Ula ula lembing dance, Ratoh Duek dance in Aceh. And there are many other interesting things to watch.

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Such incredible costumes. That would be lovely to see!

It is a costume for Aceh traditional clothes. I hope that one day you can visit Aceh and enjoy the Welcoming Dance "Ranup Lampuan".

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