@opb is switching to a curator bot! ( Manual curation will be in future development )

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As the share of curation reward from an upvoted posts is now 50%, it does make sense to switch to a different approach in rewarding our delegators. Increment in shares meant to incentivize users to discover quality posts, the earlier you upvote (but should be more than 5 minutes) the higher the share of curation reward you will receive.

Our bot will now check the quality of post with words more than 300, author reputation > 25, and high engagement with other users, will stand a chance to win an upvote 12% of full voting power. So keep posting great content, hiveans! Delegators will get share of 100% from the reward pool based on delegations. By delegating you're helping us to curate great content, earning payout at the same time. This will help tremendously in onboarding new user as well as pumping the hive token!

There will be a website to calculate the efficiency of our bot in curating quality posts as compare to other services like @tipu or @appreciator. (Currently still in development). As of now, efficacy of curating of our bot can reach up to 200% and more.


Hi @opb!
That's a nice initiative! Thank you for curating content and supporting content creator.

Your bot keeps commenting the same post after 10 minutes. It still keeps commenting on my post. Would you please check it out?

Would you please stop your bot from commenting on my post, @opb?
It's annoying to see bot commenting every 10 minutes.

Thank you.

I am so god damn sorry for the annoyance. Seems like there's some flaw in code. So sorry.

It's alright. No problem.
I'd like to thank you for your initiative to support content creators!
Keep up the good work!

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@opb it's nice meeting 🤝🤝💯 you here, I'm looking forward to working with you