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As you can see on steemd.com, the @abit account has multiple posting keys. Actually the account is being managed by a team, they are:

These are active and responsible steemians that I trust. The first 4 usually vote for #cn posts. The last rarely vote but usually unvote to correct inappropriate votes, since he is a @steemcleaners member. The other 2 keys are owned by me.

If you have question about why the @abit account has voted on a post, please feel free to contact the team members. Specifically, @oflyhigh knows how to check which team member (or if it's me) did a vote, then it's best to directly contact that member. Perhaps @oflyhigh will public his tool so others can check directly.

By the way, the @adm account is managed by a few members of @steemcleaners with similar setup. @adm also delegated some SP to a few curators that I trust.

Thanks for your support.

@abit 账号的点赞权限,使用多重签名方式由下列团队成员管理。

主要点 #cn 内容。其中 @pfunk 主要负责取消点赞或者踩贴。我偶尔也会自己点。如果对 @abit 的点赞或者踩贴行为有疑问,请联系团队成员,其中, @oflyhigh 知道如何查出到底是谁点了,以后可能也会公布工具让大家都能查。

另, @adm 账号的权限由 @steemcleaners 管理,用来踩抄袭贴、身份伪冒、骗子、垃圾帖,使用频率很高,已经很出名了。 @adm 也代理了一些 SP 给其他社区成员。


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NB, 到处都能见到好基友

How to get your upvote? I miss it.

(Just a joke)

You had me going for a second there.

hahahaha!!!!! Teuku can be joking as well

谢谢abit 从cn创建之初至今的支持,cn从H19之后新增用户开始增加,随之而来的是许多没动过的马甲全动了,潜水的冒泡了, 昨天看到一篇文章 四个Y写的 https://steemit.com/cn/@yyyy/3ymhhw, 我觉得很有道理
另外希望大家不要像以前一样,币价跌到0.5时,全消失得无影无迹,你的付出会有人欣赏 :)


人常说高处不胜寒,那阵子我可是深刻感受到低处也是很不暖和啊 :)

谢谢@abit 信任


珍惜羽毛 / STEEM区块链忠实的记录你的操作 / 获得共同操作账户的真实操作者


I noticed your upvotes havily focused on #cn

Thank you. Responsible curation initiatives are always appreciated.

I can understand Steemcleaners and even Cheetah bot, but I want to put you an example, I made a post and I put two paragraphs from two different web pages which were just opinions, I used them to make my point on what I was writing about, Cheetah bot said I was plagiarizing, why would this be? And it was opinions on a book written about 150 years ago, I mean if I had used the opinions as the post I would have understood but the post took a completely different approach, can cheetah be programmed to have a more discerning view, or do you think quoting a paragraph is plagiarizing?

You have a point. @cheetah is sometimes stupid. Please talk to the creator: @anyx.

I got @cheetah vote 2 times, for one post. Basically it vote and post a link with similar content, then after I edit the post, it voted again. I then replied his comment with why I was posting such content, Then I didn't get any followup comments/post by @cheetah. Donno if such a reply to its comment worked or not but I will do the same thing if I got its vote again.

cheetah doesn't downvote though, just a warning to other readers. Reply to cheetah explaining this... and yes cheetah gets it wrong at times but is a useful bot.

No, in fact he upvotes, but I think with the warning I might lose votes from others. And I don't really think it is fair to lose votes because a bot doesn't know what it's doing.

Thank you can you tell me how to become a member of the abit team

yo how do I use multiple keys like that

I Don't Speak Chineese But I Wanted To Get Into This Action Lol :)


So basically you are getting the job done via TEAMWORK.


Good explanation is the key to a transparency, I guess now those questioning the way cn posts got voted should have better idea and have a clear direction about should should they go to when there is a question!

Fully support, 严重支持。

Thank you, I hate plagiarism😡


Focus on quality, focus on brand....support!!

something about quality can go further.

原来如此,还纳闷 @abit大神是不是机器人

Thanks for letting us know. I don't use the "cn" tag so i guess it doesn't apply to me.

Thank you guys for your curation work especially for the chinese community. I will be heading to Changde, Hunan Province, China in late July and am looking forward to connecting with the local people! Thank you for Being (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Managing an account by multiple people... how does that work?

I am still curious as to what you are looking for in a good post that you think is even worth looking into? Like, I am sort of just looking for some sort of criteria that I can base myself around so that I can start improving myself :)

@abit, would you please be so kind to let me know :)

I really like chinese :) I hope i can improve my language skills faster.

I invite Hon. @abit to visit my poor blog and upvotes if you like some photo, give me some comment to improve my blog, thank you for your support

今天的情况有点糟糕,谢谢 @oflyhigh 主持大局,感恩!



突然想起那句台词: 有时候神也是人,也会做人想做的事情,哈。

Thanks for the post .

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Good afternoon sir @abit. Im Juvy Jabian from Philippines.

What do you think about the idea of establishing a group for steemit asia with the purpose of bringing in Asia nations closer to one another?

great team , very powerful
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awesome teamwork. :) I love how the steemit community comes together to work together!

非常非常支持。 謝謝abit 和團隊的支持給我們鼓勵!

感谢 @abit团队为cn区所做的贡献。

So why do you vote mostly for cn posts?


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Will you upvote for posts from hong kong? Thanks!

waiting to see if someone is interested to upvote my funny memes

I hope you will help upvote my posts :)


A great team!))))

谢谢@abit 大神,一定好好写文章。

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