Not a Hive PH Curation Post: A programming blunder

in #curation2 years ago (edited)

Edit and tons of Edit coming up:

Sorry for this gaffe. This random post is an effect of running a DEVELOPER's mode for our Discord bot while the actual curation bot is running. I was updating the code for our Discord bot and this happened ... Good thing it did not get posted on the official @hiveph account.

This was completely the developer's and the bot's fault.

For context, you can check out my post about HivePH's curation bot helper.

As much as I want to replace this content with something witty or meaningful, I'm mentally drained for the day to come up with anything good. But maybe this random post itself already has meaning... At least now, I know not to commit the mistake when coding the Discord bot ...

Anyway, I'll leave the original post content mostly in-tact. This includes @tpkidkai's featured post. You can check out the buzz about Square Enix and NFTs. When it happens, it will be amazing for sure.

On a related note, it's a bit crazy that PoW types of blockchain cost that much energy to mint NFTs. I don't know if in reality it's on a state as alarming as what some writers make it out to be. I haven't read any definitive proof but I know there's definitely a better way to make NFTs more efficient.

Just look at non-PoW types like Hive. We don't spend enormous gas fees. Only few resources are expended for each transaction. So doesn't it make sense for companies like Square Enix to explore blockchains like Hive? They should.


Lol don't worry we've all done it at times. 👍

Thanks for the encouragement 😁


😬 I cringe. I want to delete this.

You could've when nobody voted on it.

I could have? There was one or two upvotes though the moment I saw this. 😩

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