Live $1800 Steemit Upvoting from 100% to 0% Voting Power on June 24!

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steemit upvoting live episode 1.png

Would you help me find the most undervalued high quality posts as I upvote $1800 in Steemit rewards live on Saturday June 24, 2017 because I think this will be a demonstration of how amazing our community is? I hope to continue doing this every week by getting my voting power up to 100% and then upvoting it to 0% live because I want to help inspire us all to try our best at making the very highest quality posts here where we can earn Steem and SBD to avoid having to do work that brings us no joy!

The basics for new Steemit users or minnows!

To earn the cryptocurrency payouts from me, you will need to get my upvote on a post or comment which requires having an active Steemit account and making a post or comment that I like! My full power vote is worth about $38 in Steem Power and SteemDollars or SBD which are paid out 7 days after the post or comment is created. Will you keep reading to see how I plan to give out my upvotes live and what you can do to earn the most? If you are new to Steem and would like to understand more about how it works, will you take my new "Earn Steem with Steemit" video course free at because there you will get a great idea of how Steem functions and be best able to participate in future upvotes?

Hoping to lead by example with posts which add great value to our community on Steemit!

For making the upcoming live stream showing my upvotes, I feel it is important to reward the very most helpful posts with the highest votes while rewarding just the effort with smaller amounts to encourage continual growth especially in comments. With many of the highest quality posts already receiving hundreds or thousands of dollars, I hope to vote up posts that are really good and have not been discovered by the community yet along with some posts by established authors! Would you help me find them by making a comment below even if it is your own post?

Here are a few examples of what I think make outstanding posts on Steemit starting with posts I have made and then listing 5 more by creators I follow!

  1. Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies for 2017: Get Steemit Readers and Followers Automatically with Google Organic Search Traffic!
  2. Steemit Tax Calculation and Payment System
  3. Our Secret Energy Source: Releasing Fear of Death Anxiety into Passion Today!
  4. Publish Steemit Blog Posts Automatically to Facebook and Twitter with Zapier or IFTTT and Streemian!
  5. Cryptocurrency Exchange Trading Tutorial with Bitcoin + Steem + 179 Altcoins!

Each of these five posts are comprehensive guides with odds of ranking high on Google organic search which will bring all of us on Steemit more traffic automatically! These posts are loaded with my personal experience solving challenging problems from how to get a post to rank in Google to figuring out how to do my taxes for Steemit rewards to overcoming fear of death to getting Steemit posts automatically published on Facebook and Twitter to learning how to use the cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex to invest in Steem.

Here are five more posts I have upvoted that were created by the authors linked below which I think are excellent examples of high quality posts that add a lot of value to Steemit!

  1. Some Steem Tips For Some Steem Success by @teamsteem
  2. My 3000 follower milestone : Is now conquered - Big thank you to all my followers and Steemit - Here's a recap of my entire journey by @sweetsssj
  3. Your guide to setting up a Witness Server (STEEM-in-a-box HF19) by @someguy123
  4. chainBB beta update - new forums + claiming rewards + post previews by @jesta
  5. Access Point: Vulnerability by @rok-sivante

Will you share your best post with me here or during my livestream on the newest post in less than 48 hours because I estimate I can allocate collectively over $1,800 in rewards during the live stream?

For fellow geeks, here is my data!

To calculate my estimated total voting payout, I tested and verified a 2% reduction in my available voting power with every 100% vote combined. I took a leap of faith and made an assumption that my full vote is worth $38 or about 0.1% of the Steem Power I have based on $20 votes at about 50% and nearly $30 voting at 75%. The chart below shows the total from the spreadsheet with highlights focusing on specific values such as the tenth vote, hundredth vote, and three hundredth vote.

Upvoting $1800 live on Steemit.png

Steemit live voting 100 percent experiment 1.png

voting power experiment 2.png

voting power experiment to 50.png

voting power experiment to 100.png

voting power experiment to 200.png

voting power experiment to 300.png

If you want to make the spreadsheet yourself in Microsoft Excel, use numbers in the same place with these formulas.
A3 =A2 times 0.98
B3 =B2 times 0.98
C3 =B3 plus C2

Understanding what these formulas do is simple.

Start with the headers in row 1. Next, put in the 100% vote, value, and copy the value to total in row 2. Then, use the formulas above for row 3 to to multiply the row above by 0.98 which is a 2% reduction in the voting power and value while adding the new value of the vote to the total. Finally, copy and paste down for as many votes as you want to calculate your total value by voting power. Note that if you see your exact vote at a voting power below 100%, you could start with that voting power and scale it up accordingly by dividing by 0.98 using the column below. I opted to just guess and then update it once I see the real value.

Reading this far down you might ask why I do not just make 300 posts and comments collectively and vote myself up for more than $1800 every five days? Assuming the recharge is at 20% or so per day and running the numbers for 73 five day periods per year which is 365/5 multiplied by $1800 shows that I could pay myself out about $131,400 NOT counting compound interest where my vote becomes worth more as I earn more. With the Steem Power interest and compound interest from receiving more votes plus selling SBD for more than $1 figured in and powering everything up, I could actually with the current numbers now pay myself about $200,000 in a year at the current price just voting myself up although the IRS would want $50,000 or more in taxes.

How to cash out rewards to BTC or fiat like USD?

If you are wondering about cashing out your Steem or SteemDollars to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or any altcoin, would you watch my tutorial on Blocktrades or Bittrex below because these are the websites I use to change to BTC, ETH, or LTC which I then use with Coinbase to sell to USD?

If you have never sold any cryptocurrencies to fiat currency like USD or EUR, would you watch my tutorial below because it has 8 websites great for making fiat to digital currency transactions?

Why not just vote myself up and not worry about anyone else? Happiness. I enjoy upvoting other people's posts. I feel good about helping another Steemian earn $20 just from my vote at 50% voting power with a 100% vote. So far our community has been generous enough to give me over $16,000 in upvoting my posts in the first month. Would it make me happy to take that generousity and shove it up everyone's collective asses by just voting on my own comments and posts all day? If it is anything like sex, the answer is no. Doing it with other people is a lot more fun than doing it alone. Voting other people's posts up and getting my own posts upvoted leaves me feeling good. Voting my own comments up repeatedly leaves me feeling greedy and alone. I tried it the first week when I just got $1 voting my own comments up. I am on Steemit to continue having a happy life and not to squeeze every dollar I could get it out of it. Ironically, participating in the community and focusing my upvotes on others is likely to actually make me much more than voting myself up.

With this upvoting demonstration, I hope to inspire members of our community to focus on giving first for experiencing daily gratitude and infinite joy rather than the passing high feeling that comes from voting our own posts up and the scarcity feeling that comes with holding onto all our voting power just for ourselves. For everyone learning about Steemit for the first time, I hope the posts and videos I make especially this new livestream prove to be another valuable marketing tool for us!

Thank you very much for reading what I am guessing is another one of my posts! Would you upvote my post 100% because if you are like me, this will leave you feeling the best after reading this? If you want to have your cake and eat it too, why not upvote your own comment on this post while you are at it ... or maybe try doing that and voting up someone else's and see which feels better :)

Jerry Banfield

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Nice post, and happiness is a good thing :)

I experience a state of happiness when I'm on the Steemit platform :) Only here

I cannot wait for this Jerry! This is going to be awesome!

Great post Jerry!

If your happy and you know it clap your hands 👏 😊

Happy to see you here. Spread the happiness! :D :D

I agree , I upvoted your comment @inventor16 and @jerrybandfiled post at 100% and felt good about it...Hurraayyy!!!!

can anybody tell me how to put profile picture on steemit.. plz help..

you need the url link .. an easy way is to post a pic to twitter.. make the twitter account private if you want.. then right clock on the image with your mouse and click "copy image link"

Thanks Bro...I am Struggling to update my profile for many day.
Thanks Regards @princekhiwaliya

That's great & detailed Analysis Jerry. Your hard work showing on the clip. Appreciate

Happiness is our human right :)

My mum warned me about strangers giving out sweets ...

And I love strangers distributing sweets! However, I do not eat them, but I give them to others :)


Harmless digital sweets... come to me 👐

@jerrybanfield i would love to do my best post ever and put in on on saturday!! Your initiative is brilliant and will definitely help increase the post qualify and bloggers motivation!!!! Everyone lets give to steamit the best day ever!!!!! Good luck and good posts!!!!

I agree we all have to join on saterday.
This is gonne be big.

Dude you look like Andre Agassi 🎾


Even I am planning the same. Lets see what we can get

Check out my blog on the figures for Steemit traffic compared with reddit it competition an interesting read
follow me and i will follow you

Jerry may the fork be with you!I went from .03 to 1.02 and you went from $1.52 to $38 unreal! Thank you again for getting me into this with your 1:05 min video on youtube!

Thanks to his Facebook ad I'm here!!!

So am I :)

happy you too. Here a 100% upvote on your comment as a welcome :)

happy you. Here a 100% upvote on your comment as a welcome :)

Are these numbers real? I mean you voting value increased from 0.03 to 1.02.

Have to admit I'm a bit overwhelmed with the possibilities. Just checked in and haven't found the water fountain yet!

You'll find it soon I was lost at the beginning, you'll find yourself spending more time here than any other social media or platform!

just amazing how you deep you are testing out the whole steem platform!
thanks for sharing your knowledge

I am not able to sleep properly since yesterday since when my steemit account was approved.

Just exploring the amazing platform.


I discovered you on youtube. I went to youtube to learn about cyrptocurrency. Boy did you help me out. I continue learning from you because you are very detailed - like this post.

I was shocked to see your first steemit video when you invested 30,000. I was so impressed that I started sending funds to my steemit account until I reached 1,000 Steemit Power.

Since I work 12 hours daily its tough to keep up on my side because I want to start posting quality content.

Thanks for all you do for all of us in the crypto world. I have also looked into you teaching cryptos because I live in Sevilla, Spain and would love to teach english via a platform like you have.



Thanks for advices. Check out my post with drawings. I just started journey on steem and have hard time to be visible.
My recent post.

DAmn!! crazy

That's a great idea !! More good stuff coming from you Jerry

I support you. Now there is such a policy that many release 50 posts a day with plagiarism content, for example in the funny section. Earn not bad money. And I, for example, spend on writing one article 2-3 hours and as a result my posts are not the worst, but they collect $ 0.15 each. But I'm holding on because I have motivation for my business internally, and not just motivation for money

I'd have to agree with this. I'm not claiming to put in as much time as you do as I just have other commitments at the moment, and I don't expect large upvotes on my posts anyway. But I see people (rhino, for example) posting images from Pixabay and getting decent sums of money for doing so when they didn't even take the photograph themselves. And I wonder why people are bothering to upvote this when good content seems to fall through the cracks and it's clear that they've put absolutely no effort into it.

I think it's ok for people to vote for content they like, for whatever reason. I don't go to pixabay, twitter, fakebook, imgur, etc., and if I see content here, where I do go, that I like but wouldn't have otherwise found - and it's properly attributed, so not plagiarized - I show my appreciation with my $.02 vote.

I also spend hours on comments, and posts, that I neither expect financial reward for, but share because I believe it's important. I just recognize that not everyone can do that, not everyone wants to do that, and sometimes not doing that is the right thing, so just look for folks doing what they, and I, think is the right thing to post.

Am I wrong?

Yeah, well put. You're right, people have the right to vote for content that they like. I don't necessarily have a problem with it if it's referenced well and of interest. And you're correct in that there is some brief content that I wouldn't find elsewhere if I didn't see it here. But sometimes it's evident that's not the case and that the motivation behind the post or series of posts is purely financial.

I'm on the same boat. I have a few good articles I did back in college and would like to publish them here but I'm holding back until I have a larger audience that is following me. If you do what you love he money comes along!

Exactly what I was thinking yesterday. The spam with stolen memes, videos or images is disappointing.

My first post took me at least 3 hours to research and write. It was buried within half an hour with only 3 "views". It's very difficult for newbies without a lot of followers to get noticed. I think the secret is to build up followers through comments first. I'm sure there are other tactics as well.

Hey @jerrybanfield i see you are in Florida like me! We should meet up for coffee one day and pick each others brains haha I have been following you from the start. You are doing very well for yourself but most of all you are doing good for others, keep up the great work. GIving back is what it is about. I am still i minnow but i give back whenever i can :)

Love me some Jerry Banfield. The Banfield Bandwagon is filling up quick! Get that steem fest Florida lined up!!

Woah That's a lot of influence you have there :)

Hey Jerry, check out my first blog post about how to earn interest on your BTC holdings!

Hey Jerry, thanks for your upvote on my post!

Another great post. I need to find the time to write some more quality posts for sure. HF19 has certainly helped even out the playing field.. but a lot of good quality posts is still getting lost.. I wonder how we can fix that?

I agree with good quality post getting lost. As Steem is still relatively new, I think for those of us who stick with Steem will eventually start to see the increase in quality of post. There is a lot of people that come here in the hopes of making it rich, but this is the wrong mindset to have. Anyone who becomes part of this community should not have this mind set.

The reality is that many people who come here will probably be out in a few months because they will have nothing to contribute. They think posting thinks like "Hey, if you like Steem, upvote me!" What value does that bring?

Anyway, the growth Steem will experience in the next couple years will be in a direction I do not think many of us can fully comprehend, but regardless it is going to be a fun ride! What an exciting SPACE to be part of, right?!

100% agree with you. I do wonder how EOS will impact steem.

While I am just a tiny minnow and am new to the community, I disagree with some of your choices of posts to upvote. Specifically the posts that do not contain "original content". It seems like you are upvoting those who are already established as opposed to those who could use the recognition and following.

With that said, I believe what you are doing is absolutely great for the community. I simply believe that your choice of execution could be improved.

I am here to help the community grow and would love to see new and original content benefit the most from the community a simple opposed to the already established individuals getting big pats on the back (upvotes) from other already established individuals.

Cheers & Godspeed!

Well said, building a reputation here is not easy and you have to be involved. @jerrybanfield just facilitates every hiring for us newbies.

Good way to give back to what made you who you are!

Im gunna be a little selfless here and promote this guys post i just saw! Hes planning on giving his old car to another steemer if he gets 1000$ in steem on that post!
I dont know this guy but it seems very generous! lets support him

@jerrybanfield Check out $UBQ, an Ethereum fork which I think is better than Ethereum Classic. It's also valued at less than 1/10 of Ethereum Classic. Take a look and let me know what you think.

You like many others are the reason why steemit will continue to grow! Great way to help others!

Thanks for getting me on Steem Jerry! Time to make some $$

YOUR content has helped me make the decision to really go ALL in on steem, your YOUTUBE video about trading and content creation has me really amped up!

Thanks so much @jerrybanfield

Thank you very much for your work

Just finished my first post which is a portfolio guide by risk level for crytpo newbies, let me know what you think of it when you get a chance! thanks for getting me on steem!!!

"See" you Saturday!

Very innovative approach, looking forward to it Jerry. I hopefully have post of value that will be up friday.

@jerrybanfield Very nice idea again from you. Sadly I do not have so much time as you do. But as I really want to give my votes for people who really deserve it like you, I'm interested in finding people which give so much value to the community as you do. I want to add such people to my steemvoter where you, btw, found your place since you came here to steemit.

I decided to start an experiment where i put people on my steemvoter for a month.
Check it out guys, I hope I can help some of you :)
resteeming would be really great :)

I literally can feel how the Steemit voting thing is becoming one of the most hot topics on the Internet.
I know it's very difficult because Facebook has billions of users, but I will feel very accomplished when one day will wake up and see how more people are engaging in Steemit's "vote" rather than in the Facebook's "like".
I hope this is a matter of 'when' and not of 'if'.

Great initiative. This is what the community needs to move from only a money making platform to a great quality site.

Hej Jerry, nice plan! It's astonishing to how much 100% of all voting power can add up. With so much fresh STEEMs distributed to more people I hope that has no negative effect on the sell-pressure of STEEM on the markets.
Anyway, as you're looking for great postings that have not yet been noticed by most. I think these 2 introduction posts I made for myself and the NGO I'm working for meet exactly your taste. We have not yet delivered much, but working hard in the background to get the vision materialized. Of course growing the following is key. And maybe in the future we can make a video together about charities on Steemit : )

Btw. you are mentioned here:

And as you're the one who motivated me to join STEEM you were the first to be added to my Steemvoter since day 1 : )

HEY @jerrybanfield can you shout me out to the steemit community on your next youtube video. You don't have to upvote this comment. I just want people to enjoy my poetry. Thanks, keep dropping the knowledge. love your videos.

Very nice post, too bad i found it too late :/

An upvote would do wonders, even just some constructive criticism from you or any of your followers would be helpful. First article:

@geodesix thank you for sharing this with me here because I followed and plan to upvote your article!

Thank you, I truly appreciate it. Can you offer any constructive criticism...? I think it may have turned some people off, being mostly text, perhaps I should use more illustrations in future posts...?

This is a fantastic idea @jerrybanfield because you are doing everything possible to spread the news of steemit whether crowdfunding advertisements on facebook, youtube videos and giving detailed tips to new users. The energy you show really gives me a smile because I see the positivity.

You can upvote my really bad knock knock joke on Saturday!

Thank you @jerrybanfield for your generosity! Ive been supporting your channel for a while, Steem On!!! Please check out my steemit for original music, poetry, art, videos, and thoughts. Here are a few of my posts. -edgarstudio

Hi Jerry, been a subscriber to your YT channel for months now and a crypto bug since eth was at $40s, I'm just here to say I support this idea of yours and as well as you being a steem witness should you take that road as well. These ideas and actions you take will make you hundreds of thousands and maybe even millions in the coming years and I can say for sure that you deserve it. I'm an Eth fan and will always be but you've open my mind how Steem can be as good and maybe poised to overtake Eth along with Dan's other projects. I can say for sure me being here in the Steem community is largely because I was following you.

Best of luck to your plans and will be in tune for the Authors you will be promoting and will upvote them as well if they are great. :)


Your energy keeps me engaged, I love it.

Ryan thank you very much and I just followed you!


If you ever need any health and fitness tips, just ask.


Woo hoo! Fantastic idea Jerry!! You are doing a lot of excellent things for the community and I'm taking notes from you. An aspiring Steemit user right now, but your posts are some of the most helpful on the platform.

The hard fork did a great service to mid and lower end users. I admit though, I got a bit crazy in the moments after the fork and upvoted a bunch of my own comments. Then, I did feel pretty dumb afterward because I basically took my voting power down to 30 percent, and it stopped me from form being able to give to others like others had given to me. So, you are exactly correct. I've been gaining followers consistently, so what I jerk I would be if I only upvoted my own stuff. And sure enough, I felt pretty bad after doing so. I'm now letting my power build itself up and am going through the process of learning how to use my votes most effectively.

With over 3,100 SP now, my vote counts significantly more under post-fork . . so it's time to learn how to use it responsibly. Much love ! And here is the obligatory GIF haha . . . I can't stop GIF'ing now

I appreciate your wisdom and advice here on Steemit Jerry

How about this post Jerry

@deimus also looking after the art community by doing articles on artists

@jerrybanfield great post! Probz from germany

Steemit could just disable the selfvoting feature? Or for what reason is it there?

wow @jerrybanfield i'd love it if you would upvote this - it's my dream - and it means i could hit the road and do it, imagine blogging everyday and amplifying the message about steem from the road! :) - will tune in saturday!

Hi Jerry!!

I am new to steem!

I don't have a super long post but I create entertainment, here is a video I filmed and my first post!!

Hope you like it and can share a little power!

After all you have been through I sometimes cannot believe how happy you are and how you publicly expose yourself. So much vulnerability scares most people!

Thanks so much for this! Your posts are literally like a how to guide showing best practices here and I appreciate them so much. And, since I've never sold any crypto currencies you've now created a step by step resource to learn. Upvoted and resteemed. Thank you!

@jerrybanfield Thank you for being such a nice person with a lot of energy we all love the way you talk , teach and elaborate stuffs in such a way so we can understand easily , waiting to see you live tomorrow morning :)

There are 9 pages