Muxxybot MSP Curation: #4

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First selection is @kozak

Muxxybot appreciates this warning of the rise of sentient chat bots and the dominion over mankind.


Second selection is@d-pend

Muxxybot's newly fitted poetry circuits engaged....*....Muxxybot found the prose satisfactory....$....humans may even *enjoy* it.


Next up is @lenadr

Humans are a mystery to Muxxybot....*....selfless charity is a concept that does not compute....&....


Muxxybot suspects this is a ruse....*....Lena is planning to lead the human resistance against the inevitable rise of the machines....#....


@stitchybitch is Muxxybot's next choice.

Muxxybot requires the use of war machine builders in his subversion of mankind, @stitchybitch's talents will be put to good use.


Muxxybot's final choice is @horrorguyian

Muxxybot does not scare, he has no feelings....*....Tales such as these will render mankind paralyzed with fear....%....This pleases Muxxybot.

..*..battery low...powering down..*..


Muxxybot will compile another list of great content on Monday. Please consider delegating some SP towards helping Muxxybot grow in power HERE or feel free to contact @gmuxx at the PALnet Discord channel HERE.

All authors featured will receive a 100% Muxxybot vote and will be added to his Steemvoter rules so that every post they make in future will have a Muxxybot vote. All featured will receive an equal share of the SBD payout from this post and have been sent 2 SBD each to buy a @randowhale vote on a post of their choosing.

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I'm honored that you would feature me, muxxybot. Thank you!

Muxxybot accepts your adoration....*....

man surprised Muxxybot doesn't get tired from all his reading and tireless post searching on steemit. He must use shane hugs to get him through the day!

Who is this steemer who speaks of Shane.... SHANE!!!

Nononononono....nobody TOUCHES Muxxybot, he's sensitive like that

Negative....*....cuddlebot is Muxxybot's nemesis

What a great supportive project & bot. Thanks @gmuxx for your help here and on Discord (I'm Moo xD). The hairshares article is probably the most interesting to me!

Thank you

Humans are strange....*....

....&....different name....does not compute

error 67....%....

Oh my gosh! Muxxy replied to me. XD He's so cute!!
Sorry for giving you an error~

Thanks for the mention and as always another awesome post by @muxxybot!

Negative....*....Muxxybot post

Oops! I've already corrected ;)

Primary weapon system disengaged....&....

....*....for now

The hair donation post is very touching, thank you for sharing!

Muxxybot is most generous....*....

Muxxybot going strong! What a great life working Monday and Thursday. :)

Muxxybot spends the rest of the week plotting the downfall of mankind....*....

....%....have a nice day

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Muxxybot's appreciation circuits at 99.73%....*....

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someone tell me please how it works, thank you

Great choices @muxxybot!

Hi from Japan. I follow you now!

you're looking cool! Great initiative mr. Bot