Steemph.cebu's Weekly Feature of Authors #2 | The Revival. Congrats!

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Congratulations Weekly Feature of Authors!

Steemph.cebu is glad to announce that we're making a comeback with the traditional and long-running : Weekly Feature of Authors!. It's a weekly compilation of the best posts published on the Steem blockchain having #cebu and #philippines as part of their tags. As a communal account aimed to encourage and promote the best of Cebuano Author contents, we are delighted to featured them and receive support and prizes.

Every Tuesday, @steemph.cebu posts a publication to announce what five best posts stood out on this particular week. The series will continue to reward our Cebuano authors who consistently publish amazing contents in the Steem Blockchain.

The best posts will be selected among the daily Steemph.cebu Daily Feature of Authors publication. Meaning, these posts have been featured on our Daily Feature of Authors but we would like to reward more the best posts that Stood out during the entire week.

What Will the Authors Receive?

We will start by sending each authors 0.5 SBD each. We're looking for continuity of this challenge. But if so ever donations will come as a support to our community account, these prize will be increased.

Remember that these posts have been rewarded for being featured but we will like to incentivize them more.

These are the best posts that stood out :


We've already sent out the prizes as an appreciation of creating quality posts published on Steem blockchain. We're delighted to continue this initiative with you. Please use #cebu and #philippines as part of your tags. Mabuhay and God speed! :)


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Thank you for acknowledging my post <3 My first time having this kind of recognition from steemit community in general. Truly overwhelming and motivating as well. Mope power to @steemph.cebu !