❤ My sweet pastel girl ❤|#Pastelgirlchallenge Expience + Full process

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Hello everyone, welcome to my space!

Lately I’m trying to work more with detail backgrounds, It’s just that I Feel really happy and excited when I draw more and more with the time passing by, It’s like nothing could stop me until I look at it and Felt that is complete.

Basically I’m improving myself connecting the characters with backgrounds and represent them with every little thing, I have a lot of fun drawing things like that, sadly there’s moments when I don’t have the enough time.

I wasn’t inspired some long time ago until one day that suddenly an amazing challenge became trendy. It was the #pastelgirlchallenge, I thought OMG I NEED TO DO THAT AHH. My cellphone is really old so I didn’t design my own pastel girl, I looked for a cutie one on internet.

Sketching my idea was really hard, I drew it like 2 times, then I worked with the vending machine and all the drinks. I wanted to make it look with a lot of magical girls/ mahou shoujo references.

I had a little trouble drawing the smallest details because the size of my marker but I didn’t give up.

Finally, it comes the best part…Painting

Every time that I paint I like to play with the colors, layers, everything.

This occasion I set out different types of layers to work with the shadows and lighting, I was really careful because I didn’t want to make it seem pretty dark.

I’m proud about this drawing, everybody gets surprised when they see every little detail, sometimes I think I’m really ambitious when is relate to Illustrations but that’s what happens when you work hard doing what you love.

Thank you for reading!

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Icons and decoration:



Great job @maryspace! I love the details like your artwork on the wall and the "power in a bottle" and "thank you" on the vending machine 😊

Tu dibujo es muy guapo, Maria! 😃

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

Thank you so much!

Me encanta! esta muy cool @maryspace!!😉 👏👏👏 🎨🎉

Muchas gracias, me alegra que te guste <3

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Aw thank you! u vu

Nicely done! You are very talented! I love all the detail.

Thank you so much honey, It means a lot for me <3

🎉 Congratulations @maryspace! 👏, your amazing Artwork has been selected to be featured in my curation post.

AWW thank you so much sweetheart I appreciate every help <3