LockFile Ransomware Bypasses Protection

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Ransomware hackers continue upping their game, organizations and their cyber security army needs to do the same.

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LockFile Ransomware Bypasses Protection Using Intermittent File Encryption
A new ransomware family that emerged last month comes with its own bag of tricks to bypass ransomware protection by leveraging a novel technique called “intermittent encryption.”

Called LockFile, the operators of the ransomware have been found exploiting recently disclosed flaws such as ProxyShell and PetitPotam to compromise Windows servers and deploy file-encrypting malware that scrambles only every alternate 16 bytes of a file, thereby giving it the ability to evade ransomware defences.

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Phorpiex botnet shuts down, source code goes up for sale
The operators of the Phorpiex malware have shut down their botnet and put its source code for sale on a dark web cybercrime forum, The Record has learned.

The ad, posted earlier today by an individual previously linked to the botnet’s operation, claims that none of the malware’s two original authors are involved in running the botnet, hence the reason they decided to sell its source code.

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Challenges organizations face when implementing zero trust architecture
98 percent of UK business leaders and IT decision makers either plan to or have already started implementing zero trust strategies at their organizations, according to Illumio.

The report also revealed the challenges organizations face when implementing zero trust architecture. Respondents cited employee perception and resistance to change as the primary barriers to activating their zero trust plans. Notably, 32 percent of respondents expressed concern about employees thinking the company doesn’t trust them.

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