Dawn Patrol

in #cycling6 years ago


I'm constantly inspired through means of instagram, twitter, etc... of these amazing images taken by photographers while out on a group rides or even solo. I love the idea of having the viewer wish they were there, wish they had that bike, wish they had that kit - Its brilliant advertising. More so, I just wish I could get that 'shot'. I know a couple of great photographers (@dexter-k - looking at you and the mrs.) and it blows my mind how incredibly talented people can be. I'll continue on being jealous of all these great photos I see and attempt my own photos as well - maybe one day I'll be able to snag a decent camera and put some effort into the images.


Looks a lot nicer when you can't feel the pain!

haha, very true. No pain.. no views.

Cool shot! It works really well in black and white with the power lines against the sky.