Oh my, has it been this long since I was on Steemit? Crazy how quickly time passes. A lot has changed - including the seasons and my cycling gear! Thank you to the people that have stuck with me, despite my absence.

Last week I scored a beautiful new bike - a 2017 Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1 (quite a mouthful). I've had the opportunity to log a few km's on the trainer and only one 20+km ride outside but the bike rides quite well.


Here is a list of gear:
Frame: Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1
Groupset: Ultegra
Bars: 3T Aeronova LTD
Seat: Fabric
Wheels: Mavic Ksyrium Pro

Here are some shots I've taken so far:





Daaaaaaaannnngggg dude!!! That is one slick ride! I'm gonna bet your are pretty stoked about that beauty ;)

ohh man.. do I love it! Took it up Cypress on Tuesday - it was very slick.