Kings of the Mountain

It's been a long while, hasn't it?

I could keep making excuses but ultimately it comes down to whats most important and thats where you'll be spending your resources, whether that is money, time, energy (physically and mentally), etc....



The other week I ventured off with a peloton of friends up Seymour mountain. It was a solid group we had, ranging all levels of experience and capacity. This was my first effort up Seymour but I do really enjoy climbing so it wasn't overly difficult.



The challenges came back on the decent. I ended up getting a flat which took an astounding 20 minutes to repair because I was being EATEN ALIVE by mosquitos. I've never been that frustrated while doing a repair - ever. Its not ideal getting a flat but it shouldn't take that long. I just could not concentrate trying to swat away bugs every two seconds. On top of that, my CO2 release valve seems to be broken. Fortunately a fellow rider and friend lent me his hand pump which provided enough air to complete the ride.

On the way home, while travelling through East Van, one of group got struck by a car. It was shocking thing to see happen right in front of you. I'll spare all the details but the driver was at fault. I felt bad for her actually, she was quite young (easily in her early 20's). She pulled over immediately and did all she could to help. Fortunately, my friend who was stuck, got up right away. His elbow looked like went through a blender - not surprising seeing how he smashed her windshield with it. Please note that one of the images below is quite bloody and graphic (I'm also not sure why its sideways).



Fortunately, he was okay. It could have been very very bad. Stay safe out there friends. Wear a helmet and proper gear - our friend was wearing bright yellow and still got hit, but it will never hurt to take those extra precautions.



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