The eventful

Ugh... so what can I say... my bike has been broken and thus my heart. #sosad


I've had some amazing rides lately and I've been able to break some personal records (PR's) since I signed up for Strava Summit.


On my ride last Friday I was cranking it up and hill and as I was gearing up to decent my rear derailleur tore in half (see pics). Fortunately this happened during the day and did not cause me to crash.

IMG_1842 2.JPG

Because I was cranking on it pretty hard, the torn piece ended up bending the chain and wrecking the front derailleur as well. Looks like it'll be close to $500.00 to fix everything. With the upcoming trip to Europe, I'll be skipping out on the repairs and will hopefully be able to keep my fitness up with jogging.


Unfortunately, that means that I'll end up missing the Gran Fondo which is at the beginning of next month. Sad news for me this month - hopefully I can get this beauty back on the road soon.



You might be able to get replacement parts from the local bike shop. You most likely do not need to get a new rear derailleur, chains are $35 and maybe you can get a used front derailleur from ebay.

I called around to a couple LBS' and checked online. I run SRAM Red for everything but that is far too costly to replace (double if not more). So I'm going to step down to SRAM Force for the Front and Rear derailleur. The rear derailleur will be about $150, the front I think was closer to $80. A replacement Ultegra chain is 40$. All of those, plus adding the needed cabling & housing replacement and install is bringing it over $400 before any taxes.
I could drop down another tier in SRAM but I think saving $100 will result in a impact in the bikes performance. I think its better for me to wait a month or two and get the right parts instead of replacing with something I'll want to swap out again.

I'm running Sram Force for years now with no issues. I know the derailleurs come apart in pieces, but am not 100% sure if a LBS can order a specific piece.
You can always look for a slightly used one on ebay which is usually a good value. Especially if it has relatively low miles on it.

I just looked on Strava and my road bike has over 9000 miles, same groupset. But I don't put out a lot of watts......

Thats good to hear! From what I've been told and researched, the tier down for the top of the line (SRAM Red, Shimano Dura-Ace) are much more durable and longer lasting (SRAM Force, Shimano Ultegra) while still producing smooth/efficient shifting - that was my biggest concern. I wanted make sure I could still shift quickly without having to wait for the gears to lock in.
My LBS said that the damage is very extensive and un-repairable - unfortunate, but it is what it is. All in all, its not super expensive to replace/fix, just very inconvenient timing - we have a trip to Europe in a couple of months so thats going to take priority for now.

I was doing a little bit of research and I think I can find some of the parts a little cheaper online although I'm not 100% everything will be compatible. I may end up giving my LBS a call and see if they can get me the model numbers what I'm needing to replace and see if I can source out the parts myself and have them do the install.

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