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Hey can I get more info on this please

Running a Node
If you'd like to run a client module (someone that can effectively sell their DACTs) please check out this github link:

Just want to know what this client module does? Is it a hive engine node or specific to just the DACTER tool?

Thank you.


Owners of Discounted Account Creations Tokens run this to create accounts. For each account creation they get paid. This is not a Hive-Engine node, its a simple HTTP server that communicates with the DACTER core module.

Ahhh so the node runner will earn DACT or any other fee allocated to that transaction?

Node runners will earn 1.6 BEE/account creation at the moment. The amount might change in future depending on price of BEE and other variables.

But that is only if node used is the node you are running correct? Not each node running in the network

Thats correct.

Thank you so much for answering my questions.