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Here we are...

Here we are in May of 2022 already and fast approaching Memorial Day in the United States.

All told, the number of United States military who’ve died in combat, not including the Civil War, exceeds 500,000 lives that died in battle for the United States. The total number who died fighting the Civil War is even higher at 620,000 lives lost.

I’m not the greatest mathematician but in round numbers over 1.1 million have died fighting in combat. So what do we have to show for all these lost lives?

Do we have the “American dream” of a country that its people are free to enjoy their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

Before I answer...

Before I answer the two questions I’ve already asked I probably should clarify for those of you who are taking the time to read this what exactly “Memorial Day” represents in the USA.

Normally, I would explain for those of you in other countries but as dumb downed as so many have become here I am certain that there are persons in the USA that don’t understand that Memorial Day is to honor those that have given their life fighting for the United States in combat. I know this to be a fact because a few years ago even the talk show radio hosts had Memorial Day confused with Veterans Day and were honoring all members of the military.

One thing I have discovered in my lifetime is that the more “educated” a person becomes here the dumber they seem to be. I know that might seem to be kind of harsh statement on my part but that’s been my observation. Is it possible that common sense can be diminished by education?

I have to...

I have to say that our founding fathers of this country had given us all we needed in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution but (there is always a but) we’ve been negligent as a society in keeping our government in check.

Before I go much further let me answer the second question I posed. The answer isn’t just “no”; it is a big HELL NO.

How is it that concerned parents who question their local elected school board officials are labeled by law enforcement as “domestic terrorists”? The parents pay for the schools through their taxes paid and somehow they’ve lost the right to speak about what the schools are teaching the children of the parents?

What happened to the first amendment to the constitution guaranteeing the right to freedom of speech?

Did it ever occur to the people that government provided “education” wasn’t for the benefit of your children but it was for the benefit of the government? I know I did; and I thank God that he guided my wife and I to home school 3 of our 4 children.

Any sane person just needs to look and see how many “genders” there are being taught in public schools. There are only two genders; male and female and the body parts make the difference, it doesn’t matter what the person thinks they “identify” as because nature made the determination on gender.

The public education system needs to only teach reading, writing and arithmetic; anything more than that is a waste of time and money. The more subjects that public education offers the children the more parents should be concerned. Even the public school libraries are under scrutiny by parents right now because the school libraries are full of inappropriate books and pornography.

Benjamin Franklin said...

Benjamin Franklin said back in 1776 when asked what form of government was created he stated that the United States would be a “republican form of government” and he cautioned us back then by saying if we could keep it. We haven’t been a “republic” for a very long time; in fact we haven’t been a republic since the civil war in 1863. The republican form of government lasted less than 100 years but here we are still living under the illusion of republican form of government.

Earlier in this Dash I asked the question, “Is it possible that common sense can be diminished by education?” how did you answer that question? I firmly believe it can be, especially when the setting is schools with young children and teachers who are barely over the age to legally drink.

When I was young we were taught to respect our elders (teachers) and to trust what we were being taught. Today I’m of the opinion that this could be the worst advice a child could be given.

I’m not saying that children should be disrespectful by any stretch of the imagination but what I am saying is that respect and trust should be earned. Age shouldn’t be a factor when it comes to respect and trust and neither should the position a person holds be a factor. My advice to anyone today (of any age) is QUESTION EVERYTHING.

When you start questioning things and demanding proof of the answers you’ll start realizing just how much bullshit we have been forced upon us, especially here in the USA. Common sense will tell you that if man creates something then man has dominion over what they created. So uneducated folks like me believe we, the people, should have dominion over our government since our forefathers created the government.

Common sense will...

Common sense will also tell you that certain groups of people shouldn’t have an advantage over one another since all men (and women) are created equal. So why is it that so many groups of people have special rights? Gay rights? Trans rights? Black rights? Women’s rights? Those are just the special rights they want us to think about.
How is it that people working in government have special rights? Oh… you didn’t know about those?

Government immunity… that’s a big special right. Yes, it seems that somewhere along the way our employees (elected government workers) decided that they needed some special rights in the form of immunity from prosecution. Insider stock trading is a big crime unless you are a member of the congress or senate of the United States.

Now you know how all those people in the congress and senate get so rich, they craft laws for industries to regulate the industries knowing which industries will be lucrative and which ones won’t so they can buy in cheap and reap the rewards.

How about the pharmaceutical industry? They can vaxx the hell out a person and if the vaxx causes a problem for a person the company can’t be suited. Wouldn’t it be something to know that you couldn’t be held accountable for your actions? Even if you happened to kill some people along the way you wouldn’t be held responsible, how sweet of a deal would that be?

I'm not even...

I’m not even going to talk about the banking industry. I have written about that plenty of times. Just know that a bank has never loaned you any money despite what you may have thought when you applied for a loan or a credit card. All you need to know is that the constitution laid out what is lawful money in the United States; gold and silver coin. When, if ever, did you use gold and silver coins to purchase something?

I am about to wrap up this edition of the Dash for today but I realized I never did answer the first question I asked, “So what do we have to show for all these lost lives?” I can safely say we have nothing to be proud of that’s for sure.

The United States has gone from a “republic” to a banana republic in what seems like no time at all.

I think the previous sentence says it all, we’ve become a third world country or possibly even worse than that and those 1.1 million lives that were given to secure and protect this country were a waste of humanity in my view since we’ve ended up where we are today.

When Memorial Day rolls around later this month think about those people who gave their life and ask yourself; why?
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