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Well, howdy friends (if I still have any on here) and strangers…. I am just checking in since it’s been a couple months or so since my last Dash. “Have you been that busy?”, you ask. Guzbuck have I been busy.

First let me say that I truly miss doing the Daily Dose that I embarked on when I started this blogging stuff. It was so much easier because I didn’t have to prioritize the things I wanted to mention; in fact some days I just started typing and let the words lead me into the direction I was going. Now I have to sort out what I want to cover since the last time we visited. That really blows because I’m not going to be able to cover everything because of time constraints and you’d probably get bored anyway.

One thing that...

One thing that most of you know is that I love quotes and one of my favorite one is from Noam Chomsky, “The general population doesn’t know what’s happening, and it doesn’t even know that it doesn’t know.”

If Noam was right about one thing this was surely the thing. But the question should be asked of Noam is “how are people suppose to know what is happening when everything they are told is a lie?”

Here is quick list of priorities for today’s Dash.
Family stuff > drama & wedding bells
Work stuff > busy as hell
Government stuff> guzbuckers
Poker stuff> ???
Lies and Liars> plenty of these
So let’s get started….

Family stuff….

Yesterday was the 28th anniversary of marriage for the wife and I. I would say that the time has flown by but that would be a lie. It’s been a long 28 years with a lot of ups and downs but we are still together despite everything that has transpired over those years.

The oldest boy is getting married in August, He’s bought a house and is ready to start his life with the girl of his dreams so I wish him and her all the best.
Blondie turns 18 the day after the wedding and she is hell bent on getting her nose pierced for her birthday….oh well.
Shortie isn’t so short any longer… been growing like a weed this past year. I think she is as tall as her mother now.
A-man, our youngest son, is searching for his calling in life…. preacher or comedian? He is really good son with talent so I encourage him to do both. Most churches are a joke anyway so why not combine his passions?

Work Stuff…

Work has been busy as can be…. despite all the supply chain problems and the inflation taking place the industry I am in is still moving ahead, at least here in Texas it is.

People are flocking to Texas from California and New York; to me these people are more dangerous to the future of Texas than all the illegal aliens crossing the Rio Grande. These people have allowed the states they were from to be guzbucked beyond repair and now they want to move here and “start over”?

The last thing Texas needs is a bunch of wimpy ass folks from liberal states coming here and not willing to fight for what is right. You want to question how I know they are wimpy ass folks? Because if they weren’t they would be back where they came from in CA or NY trying to straighten things up in those states. Freedom isn’t a free ride; you have to work to keep freedom.

My part time business of drawing of irrigation systems designs has been really busy these past two months. Every new house a builder sells has an irrigation system and I barely keep up with the company I design for… 96 homes this month alone and the month isn’t over yet.

Government stuff…

I should just include the government stuff under the lies and liars section (and I will) but on the local level we are still expecting more indictments of our county officials but the wheels of justice turn very slowly. Actually it has been kind of entertaining watching the infighting between the county district attorney and the county judge because they both belong to the same political party.

The county judge has even said in public that she expects to be criminally indicted by the grand jury at the direction of the DA. Of course the judge says it is all political but bid rigging an $11 million contract to an unqualified company is a NO… NO… that the DA can’t look away from. The DA might have been able to if not for the pressure some of us folks put on the local television stations to do some investigative reporting.

Our state wide group has filed suit against the county commissioners of 14 counties and the secretary of state over the Nov 2020 elections. The basis of the suit is that they didn’t follow the law and in doing so they deprived us of our liberty to a constitutionally protected right.

The only people who can change the voting laws are the state Senate and House of Representatives. We aren’t seeking monetary damages from the defendants we are only seeking a ruling from the court on whether or not the election in those counties was in violation of the constitution. I won’t go into all the stuff that those counties did that was in conflict with law but it was more than a handful of things.

Poker stuff…

I have been sneaking in some poker games over at www.lucksacks.com where it costs nothing to play and a person can win HIVE as prize monies. I’ve actually been playing fairly well since while I am playing I have been doing my drawings. I am a little concerned though that the poker site has been offline for a few days but I have been told that it is moving from one server to another and should be back up soon.

There is always room for more players so be sure to drop in, sign up and play of few tournaments … who knows you just might win some HIVE. I actually need to give back some of my winnings by sponsoring some games, I haven’t done that in a while and it is important to give back to things and people you enjoy being a part of in my opinion.

Lies and Liars…

I have said it plenty of times and I’ll say it again; nearly everything you’ve been told in life is a lie. It makes not a damn bit of difference how many times a lie has been told it can never be truth. Lies can be accepted as truth because people hear it so often but it doesn’t change the fact that it is a lie.

When people discover the lies and start exposing those lies they get labeled “conspiracy theorists” or just guzbucking crazy. Call me whatever you want, makes no difference to me. The truth is the truth; facts are facts. Noam said it best in that quote I mentioned earlier, most people haven’t got a clue at what is happening in this world right now and they don’t even know that they don’t know.

I don’t believe that I have all the answers either but one thing I learned at very early age was to question everything. I have always wanted to understand how things worked and more importantly WHY they worked. At first it was mainly on things that were mechanical like cars , engines, and even bicycles and the generator on the back wheel of the bike that powered the light on the front for riding at night.

The older I got and started paying attention to other things in life I started questioning those things too. One thing I learned over my life has been to trust my gut feeling on things. Sometimes things happen so quickly a person doesn’t have time to reason things out in their mind and that is when your gut tells you the right thing to do. Trust your gut instinct is my advice and try not to second guess it. Your gut instinct will never fail you in a time of need.

I’ve never trusted our government and the more I studied it the more I realized that it was guzbucked for a really long time. In the past I have written about how people around the world think that the USA is a place of freedom and that is pure bullshit. We have been lied to here for so very long that we are free some people actually buy into that bullshit. For the life of me why can’t people understand that if you have to have the government’s permission to do things you isn’t free?

Those people streaming across our southern border are in for a rude awakening. I don’t know how bad it is where you are coming from but I can tell you that the grass may appear to be greener here but it is fake grass here or dead grass painted green to give the appearance of lush green pastures.

So this was the section where I was going to discuss lies and liars wasn’t it? Yes it was.

Politicians / liars (and thieves)
Judges / liars
Preachers and clergy / liars
Professors & school teachers/ liars
Bankers / liars (and thieves)
Lawyers / big time liars
Historians / liars
Doctors & Pharmacy / liars

Did I miss anyone? Oh yes I did … the people that most people rely on for information and news… news media. Those are mostly attractive looking people who are well spoken liars.

I purposely left off law enforcement from the list because it is probably a 50 / 50 split on that category of people. No doubt that law enforcement has liars working within it and those people are even encouraged to lie to you by their superiors in some instances. Those instances would be anytime they engage with you whether it is a consensual conversation or a detainment or arrest.

Then we can throw in “big tech” with all of their censorship which to me is a form of lying by omission of information. They call it filtering out disinformation as we all know by now but it is really just lying to the public by withholding information from public view.

My favorite group of liars of all time has to be the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Billions of taxpayer dollars goes into this agency every year so they can continue to lie to us about “space” and space travel. If you believe the lie about NASA putting men on the moon back in 1969 and the early ‘70’s I hate to be the one who tells you it never happened but it never happened.

Technology has come a long way since the days of the 1960’s and ‘70’s and if your reading this on your phone, tablet or computer you have more computing capability than NASA had back then right at the tips of your fingers. When the truth is finally revealed it will go down in history as the biggest, longest and most expensive hoax (lie) ever pulled off in history.

Did you know that NASA no longer has any of the records (schematics) or films from those space missions? Seems that even though it was the most amazing feat of mankind to leave the earth , go to the moon, and safely return they somehow managed to allow the records and films to be lost or destroyed. Oh… and get this… they are working on technology right now so that they can go to the moon and mars in the near future.

The Van Allen belt is a problem that NASA has to figure out and overcome in order to get people to the moon and further out in space. You haven’t heard of the Van Allen belt? It is an area above the earth’s atmosphere that is highly radioactive and NASA has to figure out how they can protect the astronauts from radiation poisoning when they would be traveling through that portion of space.

I guess the astronauts now days are real pansy asses and not real men like back in the ‘60’s and ‘70s because those old astronauts didn’t seem to have any problem with the Van Allen belt.

It’s been over 50 years now since we supposedly put men on the moon and I can’t believe more people don’t question that supposed “one small step for man…one giant leap for mankind”. Like I said previously ; telling a lie, no matter how long you tell it and no matter how many people believe it doesn’t magically make the lie into truth. The only thing it does do is prove that we’ve been dumb downed so far that we can’t even reason things out that a person of normal intelligence should be able to reason out.

I pray that I am still alive when some of these truths actually become known to the masses of people not because I want to be able to say. “I told you so.” but so I can see the reactions of the people when they find out they’ve been lied to their entire life about space travel and the moon landing.

Oh , while I’m talking about NASA and their lies… the international space station is big crock of shit too. Even with all the technology NASA has today you can see their screw ups on videos of the “live space station” all over the internet. How does a astronaut nearly drown while doing a space walk to repair something on the exterior of the space station? According to NASA that happened a few years back as the astronaut’s space helmet filled up with water. NASA also has a hard time explaining away air bubbles that pop up and float away in films of other “space walks”.

My biggest question is how do these NASA guzbuckers sleep at night? Their nightmares must be really terrible knowing that they are perpetrating the biggest fraud in history… even bigger than the Nov 2020 United States presidential election.

That about wraps up today’s Dash and I would love to hear some lies that you know so feel free to lie all you want since most people do it all the time anyway.

Until next time,


Hi Sult,
It's so nice seeing you again, you'll always be my friend!
Sounds like you and your family are doing well over there, great to hear about the children and the upcoming wedding! Happy anniversary to you and Mrs Papper.
The world's full of corrupt politicians it seens!
We're so disillusioned here with politicians messing up our beautiful country; the opposition are not much better, all just there for self-gain!
We've been fighting to have our road repaired, as well as a huge ravine that formed along a public lane, following a destructive storm mid April. No one is doing nor saying anything! Our pleas are falling on deaf ears!
But...we try and enjoy our little haven and not focus at that too much, but will not stop fighting with the authorities to take some action!
A flatlet in our neighbour's property was flattened by a mudslide from a steep bank below the road - no retaining was done by the Municipality.
Most of the house next to them was destroyed by another massive mudslide that same night, this time from the school. Aerial photography from previous years told the story; 4 years ago the school built an action soccer pitch at the top of the bank but made no provision for stormwater run-off so the ground started eroding and that's where the mudslide originated!
They are only now starting to build retaining walls, the Municipality are not saying a word about the road & lane!
There really is no place to hide so we just get on with our lives as best we can.
There's trouble all over the world!
Take care & chat soon.

Well thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. There are folks like you and Eric V W who will be friends for life even though we haven't met in person.
Your hubby must be shaking his head and fist at those people who allowed the construction of that soccer pitch without proper retaining walls given his background in civil engineering.
It seems that roads everywhere are allowed to crumble away where the authorities don't use those roads regularly; proof of the saying "out of sight , out of mind."
I read your recent post about biscuits and scones... it made me chuckle about our exchange back then. Almost as much as the @lizzle and @simplylizzle story of how we found each other because of @buttcoins.
Thanks you for the well wishes and we are one week away from the wedding now so things are pretty tense with getting things set. I would have been happy if they just ran off to Las Vegas and got married and then come back and told us. But young folks will be youngsters and they don't realize when you plan a wedding you actually leave time for the planning.
For sure there is trouble all over the world and when the truth finally becomes known the USA won't be viewed in a good light ... we've poked our nose in everyone else's business under false pretenses and it will become known. I love what our country was founded as but I have nothing good to say about the people who have been running it.
Take care and I'll check back in soon hopefully.

Hubby spoke to an engineer who's been assessing damage for an insurance company and that engineer said that from what he'd seen, most of the damage could have been avoided if property owners, as well as the authorities, followed proper engineering practices, but that's all fallen by the wayside, as has maintenance!
It's sad what's happening in your country as well, but it seems like many parts of the world are run by corrupt officials!
Yes, I remember how @buttcoins used my name instead of @simplylizelle, which led to our meeting :) Those were great times! I've not heard from her for a very long time.

I still have no grandchildren, my oldest son is moving to the Netherlands later this year, and the younger one is back in Johannesburg after a stint in Russia, of all places! That was just before Covid lockdowns took place. He ended up being stuck there for a month longer, as they had their lockdown, and all international travel was brought to a halt. A very trying time for all of us, but the Russian people were very good to him. He was in Orenburg which is on the border with Khazakstan.
He did not come back with a Russian bride :) Although that was not his intent, he now says he should have tried to find one there as they're not as spoiled and demanding as Western women!

Youngsters all over will leave arrangements to the last minute which can be really nerve-wracking for everyone, especially mom & dad! But I'm sure you're going to enjoy the wedding.

Hope to see you again soon and hear how the wedding went.

Our big problem here regarding topography is that we are so darn flat and so close to tbe coast so we have problems with flooding. When these farmers sell their tracts of land and the developers buy them up the dig retention ponds and use the soil from the pond to raise the level of the land the devs are going to build on.
The retention ponds work for minimal type rains and work fine but when we get hurricanes ( I think where you are they are called "typhoons") then the ponds get over filled and flooding takes place. So areas that never had a flooding isssue in the past when it was farm land end up with issues and people down stream along the rivers and streams that carry the water to the coast are really impacted even worse.
Were 5 days from the wedding now and the DJ for the reception isn't going to be available now and the wife is scrambling to get one.
Take care and I will do a dash about the wedding hopefully soon after it.

So excited to have noticed your post on my son's feed just a few minutes ago. Sounds like things are going well for you there expect all those "foreigners" from other states invading Texas. I've heard that as well - and know quite a few who have moved from Canada, etc. to Texas (at least I know them on fb). Anyway, totally agree with you about the liars. We started looking into stuff years ago and learned about NASA and their hoax of landing on the moon...and so crazy that all their videos, etc. were lost/deleted! Whatever! Insanity, but you could never convince some people about that. I follow a lady on YT who has some episodes called Question the Narrative (she's a homeschool mama too) and I find her stuff well presented and researched. My husband and I spent some time (5 years ago) before we moved to Panama looking at conspiracy theories. What I don't like about them is they can't really be proved right or wrong. I guess that's why they're theories, but it's interesting when some of them get proven as fact. Anyway, glad to have found and read your post. Hope things are great for you! Don't be a stranger on here! 🤠

Hey Mama so good of you to read and comment. I'll have to check out that YT lady you mentioned. Seeing you pop in here reminds me of our days back in the Steem Engine writing group. I really feel blessed to have been a part of that group, such talented people and I always wondered how in the hell to did I make the cut?
I'll try do more blogging in the future but I sure miss having the time to do the daily dose like I did when I got started ... I think I went 430 or more consectutive days posting my blog before I missed a day.
Did ya'll ever have any success raising the cows?

Wow! 430 days is pretty amazing! We currently have one cow we milk. We've gone through a few at this point, as well as goats! We had one whose baby died of over medication, then she died when we were in the states. Then we got a free one from the dairy that was a mix breed (Holstein and Jersey we think). She is our current milk cow. She had a baby last year, but it died in birth. Then we bought what we thought would be a good one at an apparently high gringo price...we were never able to touch her even after a year. She was wild. She had a baby male. Then we sold both of them at auction for half of what we paid for just her. Live and learn I guess. Our current one is due in Oct, so we are about to stop milking her for two months. Hoping she has a girl. I had 7 goats at one point - acquired 5 in one month - and figured out they were too much work for this mama of 6! So I gave away or sold all of them and now I just have chickens and three sheep. I am not a good chicken mama though either. I probably need to feed them more and keep only the ones who lay. That's what my hubs says at least. Ha! Guess they're more my hobby...and something we can eat if it came down to it. I always enjoyed the Steem Engine as well. It was a good group of people in there!

Learning animal husbandry takes some time that is for sure and there always is some casualities along the way. We learn from our mistakes or at least we are suppose to. Good luck with upcoming birth and I hope your wish for a heifer comes to pass.

Happy belated anniversary to you and your wife! It sounds like it's been a busy summer for you so far. The world certainly does feel like it's coming apart at the seams, doesn't it? I think we're in for a very interesting decade. Unbelievably, and in spite of our "leaders", America may fare better than most.

I've been following this channel on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/GEOPOP20

Peter Zeihan cuts through a lot of the mainstream narrative we're being force fed to present a fairly accurate picture of what's going on and how the world will be reshaped in the coming years.

I wish you a good week! Keep on keepin' on!

Well thank you Eric for the well wishes. I will check out Peter Z, I haven't heard of him before that I can recall but I also like hearing other people's prespectives.
The biggest problem we have right now in my view is that the country is so divided. Divided on things that it shouldn't be but the only way "they" can control us is by fear and division so the people running the country will continue to push those two things until the masses of people realize it and just say NO.
I know you get it ... but like my Dash said everything we've been told is lie and when people finally realize it most likely the results aren't going to pleasant for sure.
You and the Mrs. have a great week as well,

You're welcome. Peter Z's opinions on the current "real" state of the world and theories about the future are enlightening. He paints a grim picture of our immediate global future but thinks the US will be much better off than most because of our geographical location and our ability to survive without imports.

The division in American society is real. I've heard it referred to as a "cold civil war" and I think that's fairly accurate depiction. If we can’t find common ground I think we're on brink of some major social upheaval here around the time of the next Presidential election. It worries me that so many are idolizing a politician. As the old saying goes, "Idolizing a politician is like believing a stripper really likes you." If history is any guide that path usually doesn't lead to good places.

Thanks my friend. I will be praying for us all.