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I flat had....

I flat had to miss my four year anniversary of blogging back on 9/12/21. Things like that happen when your country is in the middle of a war.

“Middle of a war”? , you ask.

If you are asking questions like that then just move along and go back to your “normal” daily routine; we’ll wake you when it is over.

Texas and the United States...

Texas and the United States are under attack and have been for years yet nobody has seemed to care. Right now the southern border of Texas is under siege by thousands of people from foreign countries thinking that the United States is some bastion of freedom.

Spoiler Alert

The United States hasn’t been a free country since 1783 when we were sold out back then by our elected officials at the time with the signing of the Treaty of Peace in Paris, France. Everything you been told about our history from that time forward has been total bullshit.

So for all you folks that are on your way here to the United States, be careful what you wish for. Those greener pastures you think are here are nothing but briars and thistle.

Most Americans haven't...

Most Americans haven’t even come to realization that they’ve been duped. I warned about the 2020 election early on and it exceeded my expectations. The deep state went as far as shutting down the counting of ballots in six swing states in order to prepare enough bogus ballots to make sure Joe Biden got O’Bama his third term in office. In case you didn’t know… we haven’t had a legitimate presidential election in over 20 years.

How come states like Arizona and Georgia could count 98% of the cast ballots on Election Day but it took several days to count the last 2% of the ballots?

This isn’t about republicans and democrats; it is about good vs evil. Both major political parties have been gang raping us for years. They just take turns and tell us next time they’ll change things.

The war we are...

The war we are fighting right now in the United States is a war for our freedom. This isn’t a conventional war by any means and our enemies aren’t unknown to us. We are fighting this war using pen and paper and the court system. It doesn’t mean there haven’t been any casualties; there have been. People are dying and have sustained plenty of devastating injuries from the “jab” of a needle and syringe. Our enemies have unleashed biological warfare on us and if the courts fail us it will only leave us with one more option.

Wake up Americans your time is now,
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The courts failed us back in 2020 when they declined to see the evidence on grounds of "standing".

We are currently at war with the CCP.
We are at war with, the whom Catherine Austin Fitts calls, Mr. Global.

And we are woefully unprepared. As the indoctrination in movies and schools has us think that winning is by killing the bad guy. We don't even know who the bad guys are. They change their names, often die, and come back as somebody new.

Further, killing them won't do squat. The structure, the pyramid of power still exists. A beacon calling the worst of the worst to come fight for its top position.

So, we need to continue to make our lives as unreliant on their system as possible.
Grow your own food.
Trade with people you know.
Turn off the TV. Avoid advertisements that make you feel inadequate and buy stupid stuff.

Live as if The US is already gone... and soon it will be.