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Now I know...

Now I know how Alice in Wonderland must have felt. She wasn’t in Kansas any longer and we aren’t in the United States any longer either. Six days ago I made the prediction that the U S Supreme Court wouldn’t take the case from the State of Texas vs the four swing states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and that other one; Georgia.

As you all know the US Supreme Court denied hearing the case. Upon further reflection I probably hit the nail on the head about military law and states not being recognized for starters but I failed to mention that the constitution is suspended in an occupied country, which we most definitely are.

The bigger question...

The bigger question going forward is who is going to be occupying us if Sleepy Joe and Kammie Harris are sworn in next month? Will it be the CCP of China or the Build Back Better elites over at the United Nations?

The answer to that question is simple; the highest bidder will be in control. Right now the Chinese are winning because they have already been in bed (literally) with the Bidens’.

Guzbuck; now even the mainstream media is actually acknowledging that Hunter Biden may have some inappropriate dealings with China. Of course before the election any mention of China and Biden in the same sentence was dismissed as “Russian disinformation” according to the likes of CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and sometimes even FOX depending on the “journalist”.

The Constitution has...

The Constitution has been in the news a lot lately if you get your news from other sources not previously mentioned. Which also got me to thinking that there might actually be three supreme courts in Washington, DC? All three are actually in the same building, same justices but totally different law applies in each court.

I’ve explained before that we have three united states. The United States as founded in 1776, next we have the United States of America (King George’s from the Treaty of Paris 1783) and lastly the U.S. incorporated government which is a for profit corporation pretending to operate under the Constitution.

So there are three united states it only make sense that each one of them has a supreme court to go along with the scheme.

The original United States....

The original United States had member states and the Constitution to work from. The United States of America has military law to work from and the U.S. has admiralty law (corporate law) to work from.

So in the original United States the states were single names, Texas would be an example of that, not State of Texas. The State of Texas guzbucked up trying to argue Constitutional law in a court of corporate law (U.S. Supreme Court). That is definitely a possibility on why the court turned them away, State of Texas has no standing in Constitutional law.

Had the overpaid AG Ken Paxton from Texas actually been learned in the law he should have been able to figure that out, but he’s a lawyer taught from law schools in the states. I’ve been able to figure that out on my own just using common sense and reasoning along with having read the history of the country.

So the chances of any of these tRump lawyers getting in front of the correct Supreme Court are not very likely if they are going to argue the case as Constitutional law; they should be arguing a breach of contract case before the court and claiming monetary damages.

That way, they would actually have a chance in getting the case heard even under the military court because according to the Leiber Code (military law) the courts are supposed to rule similarly to the laws of the occupied country. Breach of contract is a rightful claim that could and should be made.

There is some hope though for the country and it was on display over the weekend in Washington.

The thugs that...

The thugs that have been terrorizing the peaceful protesters in the past had to be protected by the Washington police department because a group known as the Proud Boys made a road trip to visit them.

I watch a lot of live streaming from there and those thugs might want to rethink about calling for de-funding the police. The Washington DC police did a good job in keeping the Proud Boys away from the very people who bad mouth police all the time.

Be careful what you wish for is all I can say.

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