A Dash of Sult N Papper 12/20/20> Time to clip the strings on the puppet show…

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The cabal that...

The cabal that has been running this world has only had one giant problem in gaining complete control. That problem has been the second amendment to the United States Constitution. The cabal has been pushing for a global economic reset.

They have been pulling the strings on people all over the world with this Covid pandemic; they put most people in a state of fear and trapped us in our homes.

People have finally...

People have finally woken up around the world; we in the United States have been slow to the awakening but all that is changing now. For the most part people in the United States are law abiding people and have blindly put trust and faith in elected officials, which has been a mistake.

Whether you like tRump or hate him that is your decision to make and live with. When he campaigned in 2015 and 2016 on “draining the swamp” he struck a nerve with the ruling class.

He also resonated with the average working man; those average Americans’ who just want to live their life in the illusion of freedom. We all know in America we aren’t free to our pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. We constantly have to answer to government for permits to work and a whole host of other things.

As much as...

As much as the government has tried over the years to restrict our rights, and they have done quite a bit of that, the one thing they haven’t been able to do is outlaw the right to bear arms.

Guns sales have gone up in America each and every time the government has tried to chip away at the second amendment, sales before and after the November election are at an all time high.

The American people know that they can’t rely on elected government officials to actually do their job. When armed police officers just stand by and watch rioters in certain cities burn and loot businesses because the mayor or governor says ‘stand down” we know we have problem that is going to take a massive purging of the current system that is in place.

The problems we have can’t be settled in a court of law. No courts of law actually exist in the USA but the average American doesn’t realize this; the truth isn’t taught in schools.

The puppet masters have done a real good job on pulling the strings of public education. Just look back in your mind and you should be able to see things like banning prayer in public schools. Not long after, (maybe thirty years) we have school systems with their own police forces. Is prayer such a dangerous thing?

Today is 12/20/2020...

Today is 12/20/2020 and in the next thirty days I suspect that a whole hell of lot is going to transpire in the USA before inauguration day January 20, 2021. It isn’t going to be a pretty sight and it will probably go on for some time after 1/20/21 but it is needed.

The entire world is watching us now; they know that the United States is the only country that has the ability to withstand the NWO takeover; the question is does each and every one of us have the courage?

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In the coming months its going to become dangerous to be a public servant.
If you think there was fraud in this election, just wait until things start getting revealed.

The only way i would accept any election result is if i see a row of gallows all in use. (and not just some low-level fall guys)

Something i am looking forward to is when the Infernal Revolting Syndicate actually discloses where your "tax dollars" actually go and people, en-mass, stop paying.

You could say this is just the tip of the iceberg
... but that would be an understatement. There is a fleet of icebergs under full sail.

We have been fooled way to long and it needs to be revealed. Plenty of dirty folks on both sides of the isles in several states and DC will be held accountable if there is any justice left in this country.

Former presidents aren't exempt either in my estimation ; both democrat and republican.
Jan 6th can't come soon enough, DC will be under siege.