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As we sit...

As we sit and wait for the next big event to take place here in the USA between the courts, election fraud , congressional bullshit budget shannigans and whatever else you can think of that I’m missing I thought I would take a look at the Covid 19 itself.

From the very...

From the very start of the Covid 19 “pandemic” I called bullshit on it; at that point in time back in March 2020 it was pretty obvious to me we were being played. I have never bought into the propaganda of the pandemic; I told the family it isn’t anything more than the seasonal flu.

Speaking of flu; where do the names come from for the different strains of the flu?

The common names...

The common names that us uneducated folks are given are not the scientific names because we are just too ignorant to be able to figure those out. We are given the “common names” so we can understand the origin or carrier of the certain flu. A couple recent flues in very recent past are the swine flu and the bird flu. So how did Covid19 get its name?

We’ve been told that the corona virus is the source and it came about in 2019, thus it was shortened to Covid19 so dummies like me could understand it.

I’d understand it a lot more if they had told what the meaning of the word “corona” is though. I have said plenty of times in previous Daily Doses and Dashes that words have meanings so you have to know the origin of the word in order to understand the word’s meaning.

My trusted source...

My trusted source for origin and definitions of words is https://www.etymonline.com so let’s take a look at the origin and meaning behind the word corona.

corona (n.)

*1650s, "a crown," from Latin corona "a crown, a garland," in ancient Rome especially "a crown or garland bestowed for distinguished military service," from suffixed form of PIE root sker- (2) "to turn, bend."

Well, what do you think?

We have all...

We have all heard the phrase “hiding in plain sight” and that is exactly what we have here folks.

Common sense has been dispelled in mainstream media as “conspiracy theories” because some of us just won’t drink the “kool aid” the governments and media are pushing on us.

This pandemic is the ruling class of the world declaring war on the people is what I read. You have heard about the “great reset” and the pandemic is the weapon being honored as the “crown or garland for distinguished military service”.

When this pandemic...

When this pandemic hoax broke back in March estimates of the death toll were in the millions just for the USA. As of the latest published statistics we have had 19.4 million cases in the USA with a death toll of 335,000.

Keep in mind that the government provides the numbers and plenty of those deaths reported as Covid19 deaths are not the actual cause of death, but only that the postmortem body exam reveled signs of Covid.

Also keep in mind the financial incentive hospitals have been given to treat Covid 19 patients so anyone being treated or that dies is a potential windfall of cash for doctoring the paper work.

The actual death...

The actual death rate of the Covid19 pandemic in the USA is 1.7% of known cases; how can this be classified as a pandemic?

It can when it is pushed by the governments and media in order to break the will and financial well being of the people through fear and propaganda.

Take your guzbucking face mask off and wake up people. Go back to work and live your life on your terms not theirs. You’ve known all your life about the flu and flu season; act reasonably as you would any year at this time; use your God given common sense to see what’s going on.
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Couldn't agree more. It's so obvious at this point that the media narrative is false. All hysteria is based on a test that doesn't show anything in particular and gives false positives left and right.
But it's the time of great awakening as practically all ancient civilizations predicted, and for that to happen deceptions of the broken system need to become apparent to everyone. We who see it now should live in joy and support others in their inevitable process of waking up.

My father told me 45 years ago things aren't always as they appear. He warned me that slowly you'll see a takeover of the USA. He died in 1980 but his words have always stayed with me and when 9/11 happened it prompted me to start diving deep into the history of our country.
The process of waking the others up in this country is going to be a lengthy one and take some time. The schools have never taught the true history by design. We have been slaves to the government which is completely opposite to what the design was. The Stockholm syndrome will take some people time to recover from.
We are heading to a showdown on Jan. 6th ; it probably won't be a pretty sight for the people sitting in office in the congress and senate.
Mainstream media probably won't even cover it or it will definitely be false narrative if they show up, in the end though the truth will come out.
Thanks for the read and great comment, very much appreciated.