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Well it's been ....

Well it’s been a while since we last visited and I hope that this year we’ll see this “reality” we are living in finally implode and truth rise to the top.
I’ve never been one to sugar coat anything and I am not planning on starting now. I’ve made it clear that my purpose has always been to share the truth no matter how much it might hurt you.

There is quite....

There is quite a bit of turmoil on most every continent and country right now. The turmoil is because people are waking up to the fact that most governments don’t have the best interest of the people in mind.
We’ve been fed so much bullshit over our lives that it is a wonder that we all didn’t turn into mushrooms. The globalists have done a really good job of making us think there is one crisis after another that will be demise of the population. The reality is that controlling 500 million people is a whole lot easier than controlling 7.9 billion people.

If you never read the Georgia Guide Stones it might be a good time for you to do that. Our demise is planned by those who we think are supposed to be looking out for our best interests.

There is only...

There is only one war being fought right now and most people aren’t even aware that it is taking place. The war is for the six inches of grey matter between your ears, if “they” can control your thoughts and what you believe you can be manipulated to behave and obey their desires.

Mathematics was never my strongest subject but those cheap cloth masks allow 2.0 micron particles to pass thru them. The particles that the Covid virus is on are as small as 0.10 micron in size; so tell me how are the masks preventing the spread of Covid?

The "jab" is...

The “jab” is a big concern right now for people and rightfully so. The government with the assistance of mainstream media has freaked people out so badly over COVID-19 that people are lining up right now for their 3rd or 4th jab.

Call me crazy but if the first two jabs didn’t do the trick for you on keeping you from getting COVID-19 what makes you think any of the next jabs will? People lose sight of the reality that this “disease” has a survival rate of 98% or greater for most age groups.

Don’t be surprised when you start seeing people come down with jab induced immune system fatigue. This jab didn’t even fit the definition of a vaccine to begin with so the definition of vaccine was changed back in June of 2021 in Webster’s Dictionary.

The fallout from the jab isn’t something that I even want to think about. When I say “fallout” I don’t just mean people dying but the emotional trauma people will experience when they come to realization they were conned into participating in genocide.

Did I mention that the big pharma companies have zero liability when it comes to damages that the jabs cause? If you have an adverse reaction or a problem down the road because of the jab you have no recourse for damages done to you. How in the hell is that “equal protection under the law”?

As much as....

As much as I love the United States and what this country was founded for (freedom) we have done a piss poor job of maintaining the integrity of the premise on which it was founded.

We have an education system that is nothing more than a twelve year indoctrination camp on how to follow government rules and regulations. Those who excel in that indoctrination camp sign up for additional years and several thousands of dollars of indebtedness to attend college for further brain washing.

Right now isn’t the time to lock and load your favorite pistol or rifle, that time may come soon , but it is definitely time to get involved in speaking up for your rights. Get involved in your local politics and expose what is wrong at your local level.
If you haven’t or aren’t willing to speak out then you aren’t part of the solution; you are part of the problem. The revolution won’t be televised so if you think that you can sit by and catch it on the news you are sadly mistaken. We didn’t get in this situation overnight and we won’t get out of it in one night either.

You and I have the power to put a stop to all this bullshit going on but it won’t stop until we exercise our God given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Take care,

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Happy New Year Sult, good to hear from you.

Thanks @chops316 , happy new year to you as well. Finally remebered my password for the poker game so I'm looking forward to playing some in the near future.

Yep, say’n like it is. Good ol’ @sultnpapper
Funny cause i live in upside down bubble world still… where this conversation you are having in your post is more the normal day to day talk. This last year came the flood of first world refugees, escaping the vax oppression, the covid hysteria of Europe and North America. So now this small town i live in is packed to the gills with people trying to leave their mind fuck fear factories.
We never wore masks here. All three waves came through the town. Nobody vaxed because the vax was shoved down the first worlds throats and Guatemala got the leftovers vaccines from Russia. Lol… who the hell is gonna take some warm Sputnik passed down for the poor brown people.
So the locals and expats around here just got sick then got better. My family and me got it. We were sick, it sucked, but we recovered. There are 5000 people here in San Marcos. I know of 2 deaths and everybody got it. I too am not good at math… but isn’t that .00002 % death rate. 🤷‍♂️ even if i missed 10 deaths in the town(which I didn’t cause everyone knows everyone’s business around here). Still not so deadly. I know we dont have as many unhealthy fat asses as in the first world… but it all just seems so blown out of proportion. The covid mind fuck seems to be the most contagious and future deadly thing going around.
Any way… back to my bubble where i can pretend the world isn’t going cray cray.

last week i made this. It’s my first ever attempt at creating a Meme.

Good one senore!

So very good to hear from you @buttcoins. I have no doubt that your little part of the world has been invaded by refugees fleeing the US and other places but I take issue with the fact you call them "first world" ; especially if the are coming from the USA. We are as third world as there is right now but most people fail to get their head out of their arse long enough to realize it.
0.0004 would be the correct math, 2 /5000 but who really gives a shit when the numbers are four digits to the right of the decimal point.
Hard to believe that so called "educated" people have bought into all the COVID-19 propoganda , I hope I'm still around when the truth is finally exposed and people hang for the crimes they have committed.
Take care my friend,

Too true… i often say ‘so called’ first world countries. My bad 😉
‘Hard to believe that so called ‘educated’… my own brother and one of my best friends from child hood. Both open minded dudes. Both swallowed the pill. Before this i would have referred to them both as govt and new world order skeptical people.
I came home for a month last October… i was shocked at how strongly this fear/divisive based mindset had taken over in society.
It’s like the entire country has been force fed PTSD cornflakes.